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About the Center for Latin American Studies (ZILAS)

Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos (ZILAS)

The KU is one of only a small number of universities in Germany at which Latin American studies is a key focus of research and teaching. 

The Center for Latin American Studies (ZILAS) was established in 1986. Through its research, teaching, services, and knowledge transfer activities, it aims to contribute to providing the foundations for a better understanding of key processes and areas of society in Latin American countries, as well as important cultural phenomena in their history and in the present day. Stimulating interest in the continent among researchers and the general public is also an important goal, especially in light of globalization.

In collaboration with the faculties, ZILAS designs and coordinates projects and events related to Latin America at the KU.

Research and teaching that focus on the continent currently involve the following subjects:

  • Political science
  • Geography
  • History
  • Literary studies
  • Linguistics
  • Social work

One of ZILAS’s key tasks is to coordinate and organize research projects and collaborations with universities, institutes, and researchers in Latin America. In addition, it is responsible for planning and running academic conferences, and for developing and issuing publications on Latin America.

A summary of the Center’s work, including reports on research and teaching, is available in German and Spanish in our anniversary brochure that was published on the occasion of ZILAS’s 30th anniversary. A shorter description is available in our flyer (Spanish / English).