KU specific research funding proFOR+

Proben im Geolabor

The internal research funding (proFOR+) at the KU is primarily intended to support (junior) professors and scientific and artistic staff of the KU in applying for third-party funded research projects. In addition, the funding lines provide the necessary freedom and sufficient resources for the preparation and implementation of research activities. A special focus is on the targeted promotion of early-career researchers to enable them to carry out research independently at an early stage in their research careers,

Special note for an application for KU internal research funding proFOR+:
  •     Applications should be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the required funding!
Special notes for applications for third-party funded projects:
  • Please contact the ZFF as early as possible to discuss the specific conditions for your application and the necessary steps.
  • Many applications for third-party funding require the signature of the President or the Chancellor of the KU, as the applications must be formally submitted by the University Management or certain declarations by the University Management must be submitted with the application (e.g. job commitments or assumption of certain costs (own contributions) in case of a project approval).

If you require signatures of the University Management for your research proposal, please contact the ZFF at least 4 weeks before submitting the application and submit all prepared application documents to the ZFF (completed original forms, financial calculations, etc.)!

  •  Please inform the ZFF of all applications for third-party funding that you have submitted to funding bodies and provide the ZFF with copies of the submitted application documents.


Funding line "Journeys to conferences"

Funding is available for travel to international scientific conferences and meetings. Applicants should make an active contribution (poster, lecture, etc.) at scientific conferences. Their contribution should have been selected in a competitive procedure.

Eligible applicants: (Junior) professors, scientific staff

Funding amount: up to € 2,000


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Funding line "Organizing scientific events"

With this funding line, the KU supports the organization and realization of scientific events as to enable the dissemination and discussion of research topics and projects of the KU in the (technical) scientific community.


Eligible applicants: (Junior) professors, post-doctoral research assistants

Prerequisite for proFOR+ funding: third-party funding already raised for the conference, supplemented by proFOR+ funding

Funding amount: up to 5,000 €.


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Funding line "Participation in external professional development courses in the field of methodology"

This funding line supports doctoral candidates and staff members of the KU to acquire the methodological knowledge necessary for their qualification and their own research activities, unless these methodological training courses are offered at the KU itself.

Eligible applicants: (Junior) professors, research assistants with and without doctoral degree

Funding amount: up to € 2,000


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Funding line "Small project funding"

This funding line can be used to fund smaller measures that serve in particular to promote networking and project initiation, to supplement or conclude ongoing third-party funded research projects, to prepare a concrete third-party funded research proposal planned in the foreseeable future, or to complete an externally reviewed scientific publication.

Eligible applicants: (Junior) professors, postdoctoral research assistants

Maximum grant amount: € 5,000


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Funding line "Start-up funding for research projects"

This funding line supports the initiation, preparation and elaboration of larger and more complex applications for the acquisition of third-party funded (collaborative) research projects from relevant funding bodies at national and international level.

Eligible applicants: (Junior) professors, post-doctoral academic staff and heads of research institutions at the KU

maximum grant amount: € 45,000


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Funding line "Research periods at the KU or outside"

To be promoted:

a) Grants for research stays, which KU researchers would like to spend at a scientific institution abroad. Prerequisite for the research stay are already acquired third-party funds, which are supplemented by the proFOR+ funds.

or b) Grants for international guest researchers who would like to come to the KU for a research stay in order to carry out joint research projects with a KU chair or a KU professorship or a researching institution at the KU.

Eligible applicants: (Junior) Professors: post-doctoral academic staff; heads of research institutions at KU

Maximum grant amount: € 25,000


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Funding line "Grants for Fellows and Scholarship Holders and Visiting Researchers"

Scholarship holders or visiting researchers who come to the KU at their own expense or financed by a scholarship for a research stay of at least three months can receive a grant for equipment or travel.

Eligible applicants: (Junior) professors; heads of research institutions at the KU

maximum grant amount: € 5,000


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Funding line "Reduction of teaching load"

In justified cases, professors may apply for a reduction of the teaching load for the implementation and execution of an approved and peer-reviewed externally funded research project.

For more information on the application procedure and required documents, please contact the ZFF.