Funding line "Journeys to conferences"

What is the aim of the funding line?

Supporting early-career researchers in connection with the presentation and discussion of their research results (active contribution) with the international scientific community.

What means "scientific conference"?

an international scientific conference for which the presentations have been reviewed by an external expert committee and chosen in a competitive process.

What means "active contribution"?

accepted paper, accepted poster presentation, or accepted session moderation

Who may apply for funding?

(Junior) professors, post-doc research associates, KU doctoral students (only with letter of recommendation from their KU doctoral advisors).

Who may also use the funding?

External doctoral students, who are accepted and enrolled at the KU may use the funding, if their doctoral advisors (KU professors) apply for funding.

Which costs can be funded?

travel costs (transport and visa), accommodation costs, participation fees, daily allowances (only for KU employees)

How much is the maximum grant in this funding line?

2,000 €

Is there a deadline for applications for this funding line?

ProFOR+ applications for this funding line can be submitted to the Research Service Center (ZFF) at any time. However, they should be submitted at least four weeks before the date of the journey.

Who decides about the application?

The vice president for research.

General information

Applicants are asked to clarify before submission of an application which funding possibilities offered by the KU (e.g. at their Chairs/Professorships or research institutes) or other external funding possibilities (in case of upcoming trips e.g. via the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Erasmus or other foundations) are available.

Especially in connection with the latter, the KU International Office is happy to provide advice in connection with journeys abroad. In these cases, a proFOR+ funding shall only be considered as supplementary funding possibility in addition to the other funding options.

Please send the fully completed proFOR+ applications with all declarations and agreements signed by hand to the Research Service Center (ZFF) (e-mail: electronically (preferably as a PDF file).

Within a funding line, only one application per applicant can be processed and, if applicable, funding provided.

A new application can only be submitted by the applicant and processed by the Research Service Center for possible funding if the first requested funding measure within this funding line is completed and closed as regards content, costs have been fully settled and the Research Service Center has been provided with a short final report.


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