Funding line "Organizing scientific events"

What is the aim of the funding line?

High costs can be involved in the planning, organization and hosting of scientific events.

With this funding line, the KU wants to support the organization and implementation of scientific events to promote KU research topics and projects within the (respective specialist) scientific community and stimulate discussion.

If possible, organizers of such events are generally asked to finance planned events out of acquired third-party funding or the own chair’s budget.

If the calculated costs for the planned scientific event can be covered by acquired third-party funding to a large extent, the organizers can apply for additional proFOR+ funding as a supplementary support.

What is a scientific event in the context of this funding line?

Within this funding line, a scientific event is defined as a (specialist) scientific conference, meeting, a research colloquium or a research workshop, respectively by especially taking into account early-career researchers and a clear connection to current KU research topics or projects.

The scientific event should have the aim of promoting research topics, projects, and questions within the (specialist) scientific community and stimulating discussion.

More than 50 % of participants at the scientific event should be active in research outside the KU.

Prerequisites for a proFOR+ funding?

A proFOR+ funding is only granted as supplementary support in addition to third-party funding acquired elsewhere. Organizers have to make an overall calculation listing all costs for the event. They have to take into account all legal framework conditions for invoicing and settlement of costs for hosting events.

Proof of acquisition of peer-reviewed third-party funding that is specifically intended for the planned scientific event must be provided in writing (e.g. by presenting a corresponding grant approval notification, an e-mail or letter by the grant provider that contains the conference details, amount of funding and, if applicable, framework conditions regarding purposes for which the provided funding may be used).

The planned scientific event should preferably be held in Eichstätt or Ingolstadt.

Who may apply for funding?

(Junior) professors, research associates with a doctoral degree and heads of research institutes at the KU.

Which costs can be funded?

Subsidies for room rent, personnel costs for hiring student assistants or material costs (e.g. expenses for production of materials for press and public relations work, costs for copying and mailing) as well as travel and accommodation costs for invited external speakers.

The KU has issued guidelines for planning organizations and events at the KU and for cost calculation.

Which costs cannot be funded by proFOR+ (or other KU budgetary resources)?

The following costs cannot be funded by proFOR+ or other budget funds:

  • Printing costs (in German “Druck(legungs)kosten”) paid to scientific publishers, e.g. for publication of conference results
  • Costs for accompanying (cultural) programs for conference participants, e.g. for concerts in the evening or guided city tours
  • Expenses for costly catered lunch or evening receptions with food and drinks
How much is the maximum grant in this funding line?

ProFOR+ funding is only granted in the amount that equals already acquired and approved third-party funding and only up to a maximum amount of € 5,000.

Is there a deadline for applications for this funding line?

ProFOR+ applications for this funding line can be submitted to the Research Service Center (ZFF) at any time. However, they should be submitted at least four weeks before the date of the event.

Who decides about the application?

The vice president for research.

General information

Please send the fully completed proFOR+ applications with all declarations and agreements signed by hand to the Research Service Center (ZFF) (e-mail: electronically (preferably as a PDF file).

Within a funding line, only one application per applicant can be processed and, if applicable, funding provided.

A new application can only be submitted by the applicant and processed by the Research Service Center for possible funding if the first requested funding measure within this funding line is completed and closed as regards content, costs have been fully settled and the Research Service Center has been provided with a short final report.

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