Funding line "Grants for Scholarship Holders and Visiting Researchers"

What is the aim of the funding line?

With this funding line, the KU wants to support the international networking of its researchers and make the KU an attractive research location.

KU researchers who host scholarship holders or visiting researchers at their chair, professorship or research institution for several months in order to conduct research with them or to benefit from their research input can apply for grants for the necessary infrastructure and equipment for the scholarship holders or visiting researchers.

What is meant by “scholarship holder”?

Scholarship holders are doctoral candidates or postdocs who receive a full scholarship from an international or national research sponsor, e.g. Fulbright, Alexander von Humboldt, Gerda Henkel scholarship.

The scholarship should cover a total period of at least three months and the research stay at the KU should also last at least three months.

If the beneficiary can provide proof that the full scholarship does not include sufficient travel expenses or material resources required for the research project at the KU, additional infrastructure funds provided by proFOR+ can be applied for once by the respective supervisor at the KU.

What is meant by “visiting researcher”?

Visiting researchers are usually affiliated with a scientific institution abroad and receive their own staff funding from such institution or have obtained a scholarship for their research stay at the KU.

The research stay at the KU should last at least three months.

The respective supervisor at the KU can apply for additional infrastructure funds required for research at the KU via proFOR+ onceWho may apply for funding?

(Junior) professors and heads of research institutes at the KU

Which costs can be funded?

Travel costs and costs for materials and equipment.

Approval criteria for the proFOR+ application

Applications for travel subsidies or grants for additional materials and equipment required to carry out the research project at the KU must be justified plausibly.

A copy of the scholarship contract must be attached to the application and the applicant must explain that the additional costs cannot or cannot sufficiently be covered by the full scholarship or other means, e.g., chair or professorship funds.

Only one application for proFOR+ funds per scholarship holder or visiting researcher may be submitted. It is advisable to plan the research stay at the KU carefully at the beginning of the stay and to compile an overview of all additionally required funds for covering costs.

How much is the maximum grant in this funding line?

€ 5,000

Is there a deadline for applications for this funding line?

ProFOR+ applications for this funding line can be submitted to the Research Service Center (ZFF) at any time. However, they should be submitted at least four weeks before the start of the research stay of the scholarship holder or visiting researcher.

Die Vizepräsidentin bzw. der Vizepräsident für Forschung und wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs. Die Präsidialkommission für Forschung kann einbezogen werden.

The vice president for research. The Executive Research Committee may be involved in the decision.

Who decides about the application?

The vice president for research. The Executive Research Committee may be involved in the decision.

General information

Please send the fully completed proFOR+ applications with all declarations and agreements signed by hand to the Research Service Center (ZFF) (e-mail: electronically (preferably as a PDF file).

Within a funding line, only one application per applicant can be processed and, if applicable, funding provided.

A new application can only be submitted by the applicant and processed by the Research Service Center for possible funding if the first requested funding measure within this funding line is completed and closed as regards content, costs have been fully settled and the Research Service Center has been provided with a short final report.

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