What is the aim of the funding line?

With this funding line, the KU wants to support the mobility and the establishment and expansion of international research contacts as well as a long-term collaboration with international scientists.

The subsidies can be applied for both for research stays of KU scientists at international scientific institutions abroad (outgoings) and guest researchers who would like to come to the KU for cooperation with KU scientists (incomings).

What are the conditions for receiving support for research stays abroad (outgoing)?

KU researchers who are planning a longer research stay at an international scientific institution abroad can receive a subsidy in the context of the proFOR+ program (matching funds).

KU researchers who would like to go on a research stay must provide proof that they have raised adequate third-party funds for the planned research stay, submit a detailed work program for the stay and plausibly demonstrate the significance of the research stay for their current research project.

The research stay that is applied for should be appropriate in terms of time and content in view of the applicant's current research activities and the course of the planned qualification.

The research stays should primarily serve the applicant's own scientific career development. However, it is, of course, desirable that the research stays also have lasting benefits for the KU, for example by establishing new or maintaining established research collaborations and contacts.

What are the conditions for support for research stays of guest researchers at the KU (incomings)?

Professorships or research institutions of the KU that would like to invite an international guest researcher for a research stay at the KU can receive support.

A prerequisite is that the international guest researcher whom they would like to invite must have a Habilitation or comparable qualifications.

The guest researcher shall support the professorship or the KU research institution with proven professional expertise in current research activities and in questions of research profile development or science management.

The inviting professorship or research institution shall appoint a professor as a supervisor for the guest researcher who will be available as the administrative contact person during the guest's stay.

In order to apply for subsidies for external scientifically excellent guest researchers who would like to spend a research stay at the KU, the inviting professorship or research institution shall outline the significance of the guest stay for the professorship or research institution and submit a detailed cost and work plan.

Who may apply for funding?

(Junior) professors, research associates with a doctoral degree and heads of research institutes at the KU.

Which costs can be funded?

The proFOR+ program provides funding for travel costs and costs for materials and equipment.

For international guest researchers, the program not only covers travel and accommodation costs, it can also subsidize fees for special services rendered during their research stay at the KU.

How much is the maximum grant in this funding line?

A proFOR+ subsidy can be granted to a maximum amount of € 25,000 in justified cases.

KU researchers who would like to go abroad for a research stay must have raised substantial third-party funds for such stay abroad. The proFOR+ funds are only awarded as matching funds.

Is there a deadline for applications for this funding line?

ProFOR+ applications for this funding line can be submitted to the Research Service Center (ZFF) at any time; however, at least four months before the start of the development phase of the application for which proFOR+ funding is requested. As a rule, the review process for applications under this funding line requires higher temporal and organizational efforts due to the necessity to involve several experts.

Who decides about the application?

The Presidium decides on approval of the application. As a rule, the executive research committee will provide advice to the Presidium regarding the decision. The Presidium can also involve external reviewers who have proven expertise in the respectively relevant specialist fields.

General information

Please send the fully completed proFOR+ applications with all declarations and agreements signed by hand to the Research Service Center (ZFF) (e-mail: forschungsfoerderung@ku.de) electronically (preferably as a PDF file).

Within a funding line, only one application per applicant can be processed and, if applicable, funding provided.

A new application can only be submitted by the applicant and processed by the Research Service Center for possible funding if the first requested funding measure within this funding line is completed and closed as regards content, costs have been fully settled and the Research Service Center has been provided with a short final report.

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