Prof. Dr. Kerstin Schmidt


Until April, 30, 2023: Chair of American Studies at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

As of May 01, 2023 Prof. Dr. Kerstin Schmidt holds the chair for American Literary Studies at LMU Munich.

We congratulate Prof. Dr. Kerstin Schmidt to her appointment at one of the most prestigious American Studies Centers in Germany and thank her for her dedicated work as the chair of American studies at the KU.

​​For website and contact at LMU, please see here.

For all queries regarding the administration of the chair, please contact PD. Dr. René Dietrich or Hildegard Niegsch.

For all queries regarding exams and final theses (Abschlussarbeiten), please see here.

Functions held at the KU

Hochschulrat der Universität (until April 30, 2023)

Leitungsgremium des Sprachenzentrums (until April 30, 2023)

Sprecherin des KU-Forschungskollegs "Dialogkulturen"; website

Sprecherin des DFG-Graduiertenkollegs 2589 "Practicing Place"; website

General Functions

Deputy Director, Bavarian American Academy (BAA)

Editor, Kritikon Litterarum (Boston/Berlin: DeGruyter)


International Editorial Boards:

Weber: The Contemporary West

Performance Matters (Simon Fraser University, Canada)

Research Interests

  • 19th- to 21st-Century North American Literature and Culture
  • Modern/Postmodern American Drama and Theater
  • Ethnic Literatures in the U.S. and Canada
  • Race and Diaspora Studies
  • Media Theory, esp. American Radio Culture
  • Theories of Space/Place
  • Urban Studies/Visual Culture Studies (esp. Documentary Photography)