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PRO DISCOURSE – Interdisciplinary forum for research and education

PRO DISCOURSE consists of the K’Universale lecture series and the K’Universale forum. The defining features of these formats are the highly current nature of the issues and topics that are covered, and the strong focus on meaning and values based on Christian humanism. The modules are interdisciplinary in character. Overall, this area focuses on socially significant questions and how they can be dealt with using multiple perspectives from a variety of areas including, in particular, philosophy, ethics, and theology.


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ModuleBA/MALecture series K'Universale
ModuleBA/MAForum K'Universale

Current information

In the academic year 2016/2017, K'Universale is focusing on the topic of violence. More information on the program for the semester and general information on the series is available here.


Information on topics in previous semesters will be available here soon.



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