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PRO HORIZONS – Broad education

In the PRO HORIZONS area students gain insights into other fields through interdisciplinary discourse and become familiar with different academic approaches to reality, enabling them to broaden their horizons by learning about new topics and expanding their general education. At the Bachelor’s level the focus is on giving students an introduction to a discipline outside of their field of study, while at the Master’s level they are taught how to use an interdisciplinary approach to deal with questions. Topics related to social history, the environment, culture, and conceptual history receive particular attention. PRO HORIZONS includes courses offered by various faculties that are of an introductory and/or general nature.

Current information

The range of courses is currently being developed.



    Dr. Stephanie Böß

    KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

    Marktplatz 7, IH 002
    85072 Eichstätt

    E-mail: studierendenberatung(at)

    Phone: +49 / 8421 / 93-21480