Studying in Ingolstadt

Neubau der Wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Fakultät

A young city and a dynamic economic region: Ingolstadt is one of the fastest developing cities in Germany and has a history that stretches back over 1200 years. The KU’s Ingolstadt School of Management, which has almost 1100 students, is based here.

With a population of around 133 000, Ingolstadt is the fifth largest city in Bavaria. From here it is around 15 miles to Eichstätt and around 50 to Munich. The city has experienced unique development in recent years and is now one of Germany’s fastest growing cities.


First-class economy and sport

World-famous companies such as Audi, Airbus, Media-Saturn and Hipp are based in Ingolstadt and the surrounding area, making the region one of the most economically active in the whole of Germany. The city has also made a name for itself in the sporting world: ERC Ingolstadt became German ice hockey champion in 2014 and FC Ingolstadt 04 earned a promotion to the Bundesliga in 2015.

Ingolstadt is a modern industrial city with an eventful history. It was the seat of the Wittelsbach dynasty, home of Bavaria’s first university, a key location in the Counter-Reformation and the birth place of the 1516 German Beer Purity Law. It is also the home of Marry Shelly’s Frankenstein and the secret society known as the Illuminati. The city’s history is still visible today: the Church of Our Lady and the New Castle date from the time of the duchy of Bavaria- Ingolstadt, the former anatomical institute is a reminder of the first university, the Maria de Victoria Church is the most magnificent work by the Asam brothers, and parts of the 19th century fortifications have been preserved, including the Reduit Tilly.

Rich culture

The city’s theater, the Georgian Chamber Orchestra, concert series such as the Audi-Sommerkonzerte, Jazztage and Kabarettage, and museums like the Museum für Konkrete Kunst and the Audi Forum are just some of the cultural highlights that Ingolstadt has to offer. The historic old town is home to many restaurants, clubs and pubs where you can enjoy some time out after your lectures and seminars, many of which are just around the corner from the campus. In summer the Donaustrand beach by the river is a great place to relax with a cocktail in your hand and your feet in the sand. The many beer gardens are also ideal locations to enjoy a traditional Bavarian meal to finish off the day.

Nature in the city

Ingolstadt is one of the greenest cities in Bavaria. The city center is encircled by the Glacis, a green belt with serval parks. The large Klenzepark on the south bank of the Danube is popular with both students and locals. There are several lakes which are the ideal destinations in summer to enjoy a swim and catch some sun. If all this nature is still not enough, just outside the city you will find the Altmühltal natural park to the north and the Hallertau, the world’s largest hop-growing region, to the south.

Excellent quality of life

Ingolstadt also offers excellent quality of life. With its strong economy and social stability, it has the lowest unemployment rate of any German city (December 2016: 3.0 percent). Although Ingolstadt has become a highly desirable place to live and work in recent years, students are still able to find accommodation here that is close to the University and to the city center. This is made possible through subsidized student residences and other types of accommodation owned by the University and private providers.

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