Master’s degree programs

Overview of Master’s degree programs

Eichstätt campus:
►Conflict, Memory & Peace
►European Studies: Language, Literature, and Culture
►Flight, Migration, Society
►Geography: Education for Sustainable Development
►Geography: Environmental Processes & Natural Hazards
►Tourism and Sustainable Regional Development – Management & Geography
►InterculturAd - Intercultural Advertising
►Interdisciplinary Master’s degree program, variant suitable for teaching degree programs
►Interdisciplinary Master’s degree program, flexible variant
►Interdisciplinary Master’s degree program, Culture and Media (Aisthesis)
►International Relations (MIB)
►Journalism: Innovation & Management
►Master’s degree program for acquisition of the academic requirements for obtaining the teaching authorization for art at Christian and private schools
►Inclusive Music Education/Community Music
►Social Work (FH)

Ingolstadt campus:
► Business and Psychology
► Taxation
► Business Administration with different majors

Please note:

Generally, an application is always required for enrollment in a Master's degree program, as the University must check whether applicants fulfill all prerequisites in accordance with the respective examination regulations.
Applicants may apply with proof of their first university degree or proof of credits obtained for this degree so far. Proof of the first university degree (e.g. Bachelor’s degree certificate) may generally be handed in later up to the end of the first semester of study in the Master’s program. Please refer to the letter of admission for the relevant deadlines.
Enrollment in a Master’s degree program is only possible subject to a valid letter of admission.

Information on the respective degree programs is available here:

Consecutive, non-consecutive, flexible and continuing education Master’s degree programs


Please note that application deadlines vary from Master's degree program to Master's degree program.

Application deadlines