Certificate course “Learning Facilitator” for people in crisis regions

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Talented young people in refugee camps and conflict regions are enrolled as students at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt and participate in the continuing education course "Learning Facilitator".

This academic networking is the result of the successful collaboration between the KU, Jesuit Worldwide Learning (JWL) and the company Seitwerk GmbH.

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The “Learning Facilitator” course

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The course is offered in a blended learning format with a duration of 24 weeks in total. Students meet at least two times a week for group work and discussions in learning centers with internet access in India, Sri-Lanka, Myanmar, Afghanistan and Malawi. In addition, they can submit their assignments via virtual global classrooms and work with lecturers from Germany and the USA who give students constructive feedback and evaluate their performance.

In addition to theoretical knowledge, course participants also gain practical experience in a two-month internship. Upon successful completion of the course, they are awarded the "Learning Facilitator" certificate by the University. They can take on supporting teaching activities at various organizations and thus become educational multipliers as teachers, lecturers, tutors, mentors and coaches.

Course content and structure

© Bild: JWL
© Bild: JWL

The course consists of five units:

Unit 1: Learning facilitators

  • Roles of a learning facilitator
  • Educational needs
  • Educational technologies and media
  • Codes of conduct
  • Rights of learners and protection of children’s rights

Unit 2: Planning learning and teaching processes

  • Planning a curriculum
  • Formulating learning objectives
  • Formative function of performance assessments
  • Summative function of performance assessments

Unit 3: Teaching and learning strategies

  • Active and cooperative learning
  • Critical thinking
  • Memorization and understanding

Unit 4: Diversity of learning

  • Learning strengths and challenges
  • Cross-cultural learning
  • Learning and gender
  • Inclusion

Unit 5: Learning environment

  • Learning at school and in classrooms
  • Learning in municipal learning centers
  • Online learning
  • Learning in workplace environments
  • Meaningful learning
  • Internship preparation

Online lecturers in the “Learning Facilitator” course

For further information, please contact the project coordinator Dr. Marina Tsoi.

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Dr. Marina Tsoi
Project coordinator JWL
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