Doctoral Studies Content

The doctoral program comprises 20 ECTS points, which are acquired in modules.

The ECTS points are to be taken in three areas (methods, key qualifications, conferences), but at least 5 ECTS points from each area.

Apart from this, the distribution of the ECTS points among the modules is freely selectable. The following distributions are possible, for example:

  • four modules of 5 ECTS points each
  • three modules à 5 ECTS points, one module à 3 ECTS points, one module à 2 ECTS points 
  • etc.

In the area of "Conferences", each conference contribution is assessed with 5 ECTS points. The first supervisor ensures that the scope of the performance corresponds to 5 ECTS.

Module Offering

A separate, constantly updated white list lists the modules from which the doctoral candidates can freely choose within the three areas.

For the areas "Methods" and "Key Qualifications", this white list includes numerous modules. For the area "Conferences", the module "Conferences" is offered on an ongoing basis, for which the first supervisor of the doctorate acts as module supervisor in cooperation with the respective professional associations, universities or research institutions.

All modules designated as doctoral courses by the WFI or the KU Graduate Academy are automatically considered to be set for the "White List"; their assignment to the three areas is shown on the "White List". Information on this can be found under the menu item Modules on the White List.

For all other modules, an application must be submitted in advance to the doctoral committee chair, with a recommendation by the first supervisor of the dissertation. The doctoral committee chair decides on the recognition of such achievements, if necessary after consultation with the doctoral committee. Information on this can be found under the menu item Other Modules.

ECTS per Module

The number of ECTS is specified by the lecturer. 1 ECTS should correspond to approximately 25 to 30 working hours of the participant, including attendance, preparation and follow-up work. However, this is only a guideline. In the case of particularly difficult and demanding content, it may also be somewhat fewer working hours per ECTS. The number of ECTS must be noted on the certificate of attendance.

Substitute for Conference Papers

In the field "Conferences", the doctoral candidate can have a publication in a renowned relevant journal recognized as a substitute for a conference contribution. The contribution must have been published or accepted for publication.

However, this publication must not be part of a cumulative dissertation.

An application must be submitted to the doctoral committee chair with the recommendation of the first supervisor Recognition Substitute Conference Contribution. The contribution must be enclosed.