Proof of Attendance

Proof of successful participation in the modules must be submitted with the doctoral application.

As proof for modules in the areas of "Methods" and "Key Qualifications", the form "Proof of Module" is to be used. The number of ECTS must be noted on the proof of participation. Instructions for the creditable ECTS per module can be found in the menu item "Structure and Content" under "ECTS per Module".

For modules in the area of "Conferences" please use the form "Proof of Conference". In addition, the paper or abstract submitted to the conference and proof of an "Accept" from the conference provider must be submitted.

When applying for a doctoral degree, proof of successful completion of the doctoral program as a whole must be provided. For this purpose, please list the modules taken in the form "Proof of Doctoral Studies in Total". This information will later appear on your supplement to the doctoral certificate.