The Chair's main research areas

The field of market research is especially interested in the many different analytical procedures with direct relevance to the respective decision situations in marketing. The methods and model approaches are applied primarily in the areas of efficiency enhancement, event forecasting or representation of latent processes of purchasing behavior (termination forecasting, response analysis, etc.).

Customer management deals primarily with the analysis of individual customer value (customer lifetime value) and customer equity, which reflects the forward-looking value of a company's entire customer base. In this context, the Chair deals with the relationship between the modeling of various customer value processes and their use in customer management. Among them are the areas of customer acquisition, retention, cross- selling and migration. At the same time, the concept of customer value management in customer management is applied in various sectors such as mail order trade, stationary retail trade and healthcare.

As part of the main research area Freight Traffic Marketing, the Chair deals with current issues of time and capacity management as well as of pricing. This research work is carried out in cooperation with an important German company of the freight traffic sector.

In the international marketing area, special interest is placed on the coordination of marketing decisions in interdependent markets. Keyword: Decision heuristics to coordinate the transnational marketing mix. In this context, the problem is becoming more and more relevant owing to increasing globalization and the use of new information and communication technologies of increasingly transparent markets.In the field of innovation management, the research interest centers on the impact of different integration and management instruments (budgeting, job rotation, incentive systems, etc.), and the effects of organizational structures (centralized vs. decentralized innovation areas, line vs. project, etc.) on the company's innovation ability.


Research areas of the Chair

  • Customer Base Analysis and Dynamics:
    ►   Bayesian Methods in Marketing
    ►   Stochastic Modeling of Consumer Behavior
    ► Covariate Effects
    ► Customer Value
    ► Customer Satisfaction
    ► Focus: Predictive Performance
  • Marketing Efficiency:
    ► Data Envelopment Analysis
    ► Response Analysis
  • Retailing:
    ► Consumer Behavior at the Point of Sale
    ► Experimental Research
  • Innovation Management:
    ► Customer Integration