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Youth - Religion - Religiousness

Research symposium 2010: Jugend Religion Religiosität

In October 2010, scientists from different disciplines came together at the KU for the international and interdisciplinary research symposium “Jugend - Religion - Religiosität”. Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kropač, Akademischer Oberrat Klaus König (Faculty of Theology) and Prof. Dr. Uto Meier (Faculty of Religious Education) as organizers of the conference invited the participants to Eichstätt.

If religion is of significance for (post-)modern societies, we have to focus on the young generation that will bear the responsibility for our future society, state and church. What role does religion play for them? 

Today, there is a rather large group of young people who are not devout within the original Christian sense, but who perceive themselves to be more or less explicitly religious. This subjective understanding of religiousness is a complex phenomenon which is hard to grasp and analyze. This conference seeks to provide clarity with regard to the following questions:

  • What does religiousness mean in the context of young people?
  • Which conceptual basis, scientific theory and empirical settings are needed for research in this area?
  • Which relation do religion and religiousness – both implicitly and explicitly – have for young people? 

These questions are approached in this symposium from the perspective of different sciences – such as sociology, anthropology, psychology, religious philosophy. Presentations, working groups and discussions serve as platforms which will enhance fruitful dialog between the speakers and the invited scientists in the field of religiousness research. 

Impressions of the conference