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Students of Magister or teaching degree programs in the field of theology will find comprehensive information on the course of study on this page. Please scroll down to see the courses offered at our Chair and in order to access information on study materials.

The learning workshop offers numerous specialist books, media and materials needed for religious educational work which you can try out in the workshop. In addition, we offer information on the State examination and the Missio canonica.

Please take a look at our BA-MA-Kolleg which specifically addresses students who are interested in submitting their final thesis with a topic from the religious educational field.


Please click on the below link on the courses offered by our Chair in the 2020 summer semester and you will be redirected to the KU.Campus website, where you can register directly. You can also download an overview of the courses offered (in German) in PDF Format.

"Religionspädagogisches und pastorales Handeln in der Schule. Rahmenbedingungen religiöser Bildung - Religionsdidaktische Prinzipien und Inhaltsbereiche - Notfallseelsorge in der Schule" (V)

Dr. Michael Winklmann; Mo 10.00-12.00 eRS 101

"BA-Kolleg" (S)

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kropač; Mi 16.00-18.00 UH 118

"Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten für Quereinsteiger (Lehramt)" (S)

Daniela Bongartz; Fr 14.00-16.00 UH 118

"Einführung in die theologische Ethik und Orientierungskurs: Fachreflexion/Orientierungskurs" (S)

"Basismodul Katholische Religionsdidaktik und Orientierungskurs: Einführung in die elementare Theologie" (Ü)

"Fachreflexion / Orientierungskurs Katholische Theologie" (S)

Daniela Bongartz; Fr 14.00-16.00 UH 118

"Unterrichtspraxis 2 (GS, MS)" (P) neue StO

Prof. Dr. Peter Scheuchenpflug; Mi 18.00-20.00 UH 218

"Unterrichtspraxis 2 (RS, Gym)" (P) neue StO

Prof. Dr. Peter Scheuchenpflug; Mi 18.00-20.00 O17-001

"Religionspädagogik als Begleitveranstaltung zum Schulpraktikum" (P)

Dr. Eva-Maria Gärtner; nach Vereinbarung

"Christwerden in heutiger Kultur und Gesellschaft" (Ü)

Claudia Mayer; Do 12.00-13.30 s.t. UH 118

"Religiöses Lernen und pastorale Praxis: Grundvollzüge pastoraler Praxis." (S)

Sebastian Kießig, Claudia Mayer; Mi 14.00 - 15.30 s.t. eRS 001

"Grundkurs Glaube und Theologie" (S)

Daniela Bongartz; Mi 14.00-16.00 UH 118




Study documents

Study documents for the courses

You will receive your study documents for the individual courses from your lecturers. Alternatively, you can access them on Ilias - the online learning platform of the KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. Please use your user ID to login and register for the individual courses of our Chair. Please click the following link:

  • Ilias-Magazin (Ilias journal)
  • Fakultäten (Faculties)
  • Theologische Fakultät (Faculty of Theology)
  • Praktische Theologie (Practical Theology)
  • Didaktik der Religionslehre, für Katechetik und Religionspädagogik (Didactics of Religion, Catechetics, and Religious Education)

Please chose the respective course and enroll. You will receive the password for the Ilias course from your lecturers at the beginning of the semester.

If you have any questions or difficulties using the online platform or in relation to the courses offered at our Chair, please contact Ms Heidi Klehr.

General documents

There are special guidelines for scientific work and academic writing at our Chair (available in German). Please click here to download. The file is password protected. If you do not have the password, please contact Ms Heidi Klehr.

Hinweise zum Abfassen wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten