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Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kropač

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kropač has been Chair of Didactics of Religion, Catechetics, and Religious Education at the KU’s Faculty of Theology since 2007.

Ulrich Kropač

Name: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kropač
Address: Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
Pater-Philipp-Jeningen-Platz 6
85072 Eichstätt
Building: Ulmer Hof
Room: UH-216
Tel.: +49 8421 93-21449
Fax: +49 8421 93-214490
E-mail: ulrich.kropac(at)

Office hours

  • During the lecture period: Wednesdays, 2.15 p.m.–3.15 p.m. (only after registration by e-mail at least one day in advance)
  • Outside the lecture period: by appointment (please arrange an appointment by e-mail)




Studied mathematics at the Technical University of Munich (degree: Dipl. Math.)



Studied theology and philosophy at the University of Passau and Pontificia Università Gregoriana in Rome (as a DAAD scholarship holder) (degree: Dipl. Theol.)



Doctoral studies in Catholic theology at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (as a doctoral scholarship holder)

Professional experience in schools and in the Church



Pastoral assistant in Simbach/Inn (diocese of Passau)



First ecclesiastical public service exmanination (erste kirchliche Dienstprüfung)



Training as a religious studies teacher



Second public service examination (zweite Dienstprüfung) for religious studies teachers



Part-time work as a religious studies teacher at Hauptschule Undorf and Fachakademie für Sozialpädagogik in Passau

Academic career



Research associate at the Chair of Practical Theology (Prof. Dr. G. Hilger) at the University of Regensburg





Doctoral degree (Dr. theol.) in dogmatics awarded by the Faculty of Catholic Theology at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München for a thesis on ‘Natural sciences and theology in dialogue. Radical changes in the understanding of the natural sciences and mathematical logic as a challenge to a debate’




Temporary Chair of Catholic Theology and Didactics with a focus on Religious Education at the University of Dortmund





Habilitation at the Faculty of Catholic Theology at the University of Regensburg. Habilitation thesis topic: ‘Religious education and revelation. The beginnings of an academic discipline of religious education at the interface between educational innovation and the position of the theology of revelation’



Chair of Religious Education and Catechetics at Chur University of Theology



(Deputy) director of the Pastoral Institute at Chur University of Theology


Lecturer at Graubünden University of Education and the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt




Chair of Didactics of Religion, Catechetics, and Religious Education at the Faculty of Theology, Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

Roles at the KU (selection)



Vice dean



Visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Theology at Sofia Univer­sity St. Kliment Ohridski



Vice dean



Member and deputy chair of the University Council


Research interests

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kropač oversees a wide range of research projects. Details on past and current projects are available in German in the KU’s research database.

Professor Kropač’s research interests are:

  • Bible didactics in schools in the postmodern age
  • Religious education in state schools in postmodern societies
  • Natural sciences and theology: perspectives in philosophy of science and religious education
  • Conceptual questions in religious education
  • Organizing academic conferences on (fundamental) questions in religious education

Detailed information and list of publications are available in German here.


A complete list of publications is available on the KU´s publication server. Information on Prof. Dr. Kropač’s book publications is available here. The listed publications are available in German.

Courses (in German)

Regular courses:

  • Bildendes Handeln der Kirche an unterschiedlichen religiösen Lernorten (lecture)
  • Religionspädagogisches und pastorales Handeln in der Schule. Zeitdiagnostische, praktische und wissenschaftstheoretische Aspekte. (lecture)
  • Bildung - Religion - Religionen (EWS) (lecture)
  • Naturwissenschaft und Theologie: historische, wissenschaftstheoretische und didaktische Schlaglichter auf ein spannungsvolles Verhältnis (seminar)
  • BA-/MA-Kolleg (seminar)
  • Aktuelle Themen und Forschungsfragen der Religionspädagogik (seminar)
  • Aufbaumodul Religionsdidaktik (Gym) (seminar)

Past courses (selection):

  • Gewalt (K’Universale lecture series), winter semester 2016/17
  • Flucht (K’Universale lecture series), winter semester 2015/16
  • Religion und Gewalt. Gewalt in Christentum und Islam als Herausforderung für religiöse Bildung (seminar), winter semester 2015/16
  • Alter(n) - Vom Umgang mit dem Unumgänglichen (K’Universale lecture series), winter semester 2014/15
  • Religionspädagogik im europäischen Kontext am Beispiel Schweiz - interuniversitäres Seminar (seminar), winter semester 2009/10

Memberships and committee work

Memberships in academic associations

Roles at the University

Past roles

  • Member of the working group ‘Migration in the Context of Religions and Cultures within the Framework of Globalization’ tasked with establishing a research priority
  • Member of the working group ‘Personal Development under Consideration of the Individual and the Institution’ tasked with establishing a research priority
  • Member of the senate committee ‘Research’
  • Member of the senate committee ‘Studying, Teaching, and Quality Assurance’
  • Member of the Faculty of Theology’s profile development committee
  • Member of the executive committee responsible for revising the statues for the Center for Teacher Education and Education Research
  • Member of the board of the Center for Teacher Education and Education Research
  • Winter semester 2009/10 – summer semester 2011: Vice dean
  • Winter semester 2013/14 – summer semester 2015: Vice dean

Current roles

Roles in academic associations

  • 2012–present: member of the executive committee of AKRK
  • 2013–present: co-editor-in-chief of Religionspädagogische Beiträge (Articles on Religious Education, RpB), the main German-language journal in the field of Catholic religious education, with Prof. Dr. G. Langenhorst, Augsburg


  • KOOP (Kooperation erste und zweite Phase der Lehrerbildung – Collaboration in the First and Second Phase of Teacher Training)
  • Inter-university doctoral and habilitation candidates’ colloquium (participating universities: Bamberg: Prof. Dr. K. Lindner; Freiburg: Prof. Dr. M. Schambeck; Eichstätt: Prof. Dr. U. Kropač)
  • Collaboration with the University of Regensburg: Regensburger Symposium (2007–present) on issues in the natural sciences, theology, and society

Other activities

  • Supervisor for five doctoral candidates
  • Member of the team responsible for planning and running the lecture and seminar series Forum K’Universale on the following topics:
    • Failure (2012/13)
    • Education and univers(al)ity (2013/14)
    • Age and aging (2014/15)
    • Flight (2015/16)
    • Violence (2016/17)
    • Trust (2017/18)
    • Europe (2018/19)
  • Head of the Bachelor’s/Master’s thesis study group ‘Religion – Religiosity – Religious Education’
  • Collaboration on the Uganda project ‘The Challenge of Education’ (partners in Uganda: St. James Primary School, Luigi Giussani High School, Permanent Center of Education)
  • Various roles in faculty councils and specialist committees (e.g. doctoral committee)
  • Extensive lecturing activities in Germany and abroad
  • Participation in professional development measures for religious studies teachers
  • Mentor in the Max Weber Program (German Academic Scholarship Foundation)


Pädagogik innovativ prize awarded by the Bayerischer Lehrer- und Lehrerinnenverband (Bavarian Teachers’ Association, BLLV) for innovative projects in teacher training for the project ‘The Reformation and Counter-Reformation in Context – Approaches in Didactics of Religion in a Block Seminar in Trento’ (with Dr. Matthias Bahr)