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Women and equal opportunity officers

Welcome to the website of the women and equal opportunity officers (Frauen- und Gleichstellungsbeauftragte, FuGB) of the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt!

As women and equal opportunity officers, we support the University in the fulfillment of its task of implementing genuine equality for women and men and respecting this gender equality as guiding principle. Furthermore, we are working towards minimizing existing inequalities. 

Our range of responsibilities includes:

  • Committee work (for an overview (in German) of the committees in which we are represented, please click here.) 
  • Advice and collaboration in the conceptualization of development plans and schemes to promote equal opportunity
  • Elimination of discrimination and resolution of gender-specific conflicts 
  • Monitoring of equal opportunity at the KU
  • Advice on equal opportunity specific questions such as balance of family and working life, on ensuring gender equality or regarding issues connected to universal accessibility
  • Promotion of young female academics by offering workshops and professional development courses
  • Scholarships for young female researchers (further information)
  • Integration of gender and diversity perspectives into academic curricula and professional development programs for KU lecturers 

In case of any questions regarding equal opportunity and in conflict situations, we are the first point of contact for: 

  • all academic staff, 
  • all students,
  • all research support staff. 

Our team comprises the following women and equal opportunity officers:

  • for the entire University
  • for the individual faculties
  • for research support staff
  • of the Student Representatives Council

We are elected by the Senate (officers for the entire University) and the faculty councils (officers for the individual faculties) for their terms of office in accordance with the more detailed provisions of Section 7 of the election regulations (WahlO). The Presidium shall decide in case of resignation for cause. If a women and equal opportunity officer or deputy officer resigns during the term of office, new elections shall be held. A swap of positions between the officer and his/her deputy officer is not provided for during the term of office. 

Women and equal opportunity officers 2017-2018