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Information and forms Department I - Human Resources

Please note:

We are currently working on the English versions of all forms for Department I - Human Resources. As the English translations are not yet available online, you will be forwarded to the German document database when clicking on a link. If you have any questions regarding a form or if you require information on a specific topic in English, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your patience!


General information and agreements
General information and agreements in the field of HR [more...]


Academic field
Forms for appointment/employment and continued employment, research sabbaticals, information on and proof of teaching duties [more...]


Lectureships and university elections Department I/4 is responsible for carrying out university elections. You can also find all information on lectureships [more...]


Student assistants
Application forms for employment, amendment/cancellation agreements, information for the field of student assistants [more...]


Working time and vacation
Information and forms for electronic time recording (Zeus), vacation request form etc. [more...]


Health and disease
Information and forms regarding sick notes, occupational accidents, special glasses for computer work [more...]


Business trips, reimbursement of expenses
Guideline, travel authorization request, declaration on trips abroad and form for reimbursement of travel expenses [more...]

Contracts for work, internship agreements, code description higher education statistics HR, notification of secondary employment etc.


Family service

Information and forms regarding maternity protection, parental leave and care for close relatives [more...]