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Upon de-registration, all rights and obligations as a student and member of the University end.

Students can request de-registration by the end of the respectively current semester or with immediate effect.



Upon de-registration, students must hand in the following documents (in person or by mail):

Application for de-registration


De-registration from a degree program with successfully completed final examination can only be effected after the Examinations Office has received the final academic record!

Under certain conditions, de-registration can also be effected on the University’s initiative in the context of enforcement of the Bavarian Higher Education Act (Bayerisches Hochschulgesetz, BayHSchG)

De-registration is conclusively regulated by Article 49 of the Bavarian Higher Education Act (BayHSchG) with the three reasons below being most frequently stated:

  • Students are de-registered at the end of the semester in which they have successfully completed their final examination.
  • Students are de-registered if they have failed a required interim or final examination or assessment at the final attempt in accordance with the examination regulations or if they are no longer able to fulfill the prerequisites for registration for one of the above-mentioned examinations or assessments for reasons within their own responsibility, unless in cases where the students change to another degree program.
  • Students are de-registered if no proof of payment of the fees and amounts due can be provided or if the insurance certificate required in accordance with the Student Health Insurance Reporting Regulation was not submitted for reasons within the students’ own responsibility.