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Doctoral studies



Doctoral studies are postgraduate courses of study which can be taken up consecutively and in some cases even non-consecutively (this means by changing the specialization chosen in the previous course of study (no work experience required in addition to previous studies).


- Proof of a completed academic degree program in form of a Diplom examination (if applicable, with additional requirements also final examination of a Fachhochschule) or in form of a Lizentiats, Magister or Master’s examination or the 1. Staatsprüfung für ein Lehramt (first state examination for the teaching profession) (at the Faculty of Theology and the Faculty of Mathematics and Geography you generally have to pass an aptitude test).


Supervision and start of studies:

The doctoral committee is responsible for carrying out the doctoral examination procedure. The chairperson of the doctoral committee is the dean of the respective faculty. Thus, application for admission to the doctoral examination procedure and/or for being included on the list for doctoral studies by stating the chosen subjects and topic for the doctoral thesis shall be submitted to the dean of the respective faculty in writing. The most important prerequisite is that the thesis must be supervised by a member of the doctoral committee from the beginning.


Enrollment for doctoral studies must be made personally in the Student Office and can be effected starting both in the summer or winter semester. There are no deadlines for enrollment. Enrollment is not compulsory and can also be effected for six semesters only in accordance with the Bavarian Higher Education Act (Bayerisches Hochschulgesetz). Of course, the doctoral thesis may also be completed after the enrollment period of six semesters has expired.

Required documents for enrollment for Germans and foreign nationals who have gained their university entrance qualification in Germany:

  • Presentation of valid ID card or passport (on copies access and serial numbers as well as eye color and height may be blackened)
  • Copy/certified copy of the university entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur certificate, FOS certificate)
  • If applicable, proof of passed aptitude test or suitability assessment
  • A complete, signed résumé (in table form)
  • Health insurance certificate for the University (can be requested from the relevant health insurance provider) or proof that you are exempt from the German health insurance obligation.
  • Proof of payment of the semester fees of € 44.50. The semester fees must be paid at least 3 working days before enrollment by cashless bank transfer (recipient: Stiftung Katholische Universität, LIGA Eichstätt, IBAN: DE51750903000007633300, BIC: GENODEF1M05
  • Certified proof of completion of the required previous studies
  • Presentation of a confirmation of supervision from a KU professor
  • Confirmation of the doctoral committee on admission of doctoral studies
  • In case of a change of university: Proof regarding program structure of course of study taken/disenrollment certificate

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