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Almost all degree programs at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt start in the winter semester. For information regarding all degree programs and subjects as well as the respective admission requirements, please click degree programs.

There are some exceptions, e.g. the Master’s degree program Social Work, the Magister degree program Catholic Theology, professional development programs as well as doctoral studies.

For all degree programs, you can enroll for a higher semester starting both in a winter or a summer semester.

Degree programs without admission restrictions:

No application is necessary for degree programs without admission restrictions; you can enroll without application during usual enrollment periods.

Enrollment forms for a winter semester can only be submitted online; the printed and signed enrollment form together with all other documents necessary for enrollment can be sent to the University by post or you can hand the documents in personally in our Student Office. The portal for enrollment for degree programs without admission restriction is closed!

For more detailed information please refer to our information sheet on admission and enrollment available at 
⇒ enrollment procedure
⇒ degree programs with aptitude test or suitability assessment
⇒ here

⇒ required documents for enrollment

Possible degree program combinations:

Please click here for possible combinations of our different teaching degree programs 

Please click here for possible subject combinations for the interdisciplinary Bachelor’s degree program

Degree programs with admission restrictions:

An application is necessary for degree programs with admission restrictions.
The portal for online application for the winter semester 2018/2019 is closed
You can find our degree programs with admission restrictions and the respective application deadlines  here.

The exact dates for enrollment are stated in the letters of admission. You have to present your letter of admission in order to be able to enroll in person!

For more detailed information on the application procedure, please visit our homepage at "Application” and/or refer to our information sheet available here Allocation procedure.


Master’s degree programs:

Enrolling in a Master’s degree program is only possible if you have the respective letter of admission. This means that an application is always necessary.
If you received a letter of admission after the University has received and reviewed your Application and if you wish to enroll for a degree program, enrollment must be made ONLINE. You can then send a printout of the online enrollment together with all documents necessary for enrollment by post or hand them in personally in our Student Office. The letter of admission states by which date enrollment has to be completed.

For the Master’s degree program Psychology, you can find the link leading to the enrollment form on your letter of admission.

If you are already enrolled at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, you have to complete the Application form for changing a degree program ( = all coursework in BA until September 30th/March 31st has been completed) or the Application form for adding another degree program  ( = there is still coursework to be completed in BA from October 1st/April 1st) and hand it in at the Student Office either by post or personally.
No online enrollment is required in this case.