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Health Insurance


In accordance with the Bavarian Higher Education Act, it is obligatory to present an insurance certificate in line with the Student Health Insurance Reporting Regulation (Meldeverordnung für die Krankenversicherung der Studierenden) in order to be able to enroll or re-register.


Insurance certificate for enrollment:

Every prospective student must present an insurance certificate in a specific format upon enrollment which contains the addition “for presentation at the university” (zur Vorlage bei der Hochschule) and which provides information on the student’s insurance status (statutory insurance, exempt from statutory insurance obligation or not subject to insurance obligation).

You can only obtain this insurance certificate, which must have a fixed format, at a statutory health insurance company (but not at private health insurance companies!).

- Interested prospective students who have taken out compulsory health insurance in Germany with a statutory health insurance provider or have taken out voluntary health insurance or are included in someone else’s insurance (e.g. in the context of a family insurance) can obtain the insurance certificate in the required format from their statutory health insurance company.
Sample form

- Interested prospective students who have taken out private health insurance with a health insurance provider in Germany or are included in a private health insurance contract (e.g. with their parents, one parent or the spouse) have to present a certificate of their private health insurance to a statutory health insurance provider in order to obtain the above-mentioned insurance certificate in the required format. 
Sample form


Insurance certificate for re-registration:

Generally, no insurance certificate must be provided for re-registration (registration for continuing your studies).



If any changes occur during your course of studies (e.g. if you change your health insurance provider, terminate the insurance relationship, change your type of insurance, etc.) you are obliged to notify the Student Office thereof immediately and submit a new insurance certificate without being requested to do so. If students do not provide an updated insurance certificate, re-registration is not possible and de-registration of the respective student will be effected on the University’s own initiative.

If you have any questions, our Student Office team is happy to help.