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Team / areas of responsibility


If you have any questions in connection with planning your schedule or on course allocation,
please refer to your respective subject advisor or the respective degree program coordinators.

We are happy to answer all your questions regarding study related matters depending
on our area of responsibility:


Head of Student Office:

Maria Gerner

Areas of responsibility:

• Professional qualifications
• Leave
• Statistics
• Admissions Master’s degree programs
• Admissions of foreign nationals
Information for international students: For detailed information regarding application at our University, please click here.

Phone: +49 8421 93-21216
Fax:     +49 8421 93-212160
E-mail: maria.gerner(at)


Employees at Student Office:

Karola Ziller
letters: A - F
Phone: +49 8421 93-21213
Fax:     +49 8421 93-212130
E-mail: karola.ziller(at)
Ms. Ziller is only available before noon!

Janine Muninger
letters: G - N
Phone: +49 8421 93-21217
Fax:     +49 8421 93-212170
E-mail: janine.muninger(at) 

Julia Lautenschlager

letters: O - Z
Phone: +49 8421 93-21215
Fax:     +49 8421 93-212150
E-mail: julia.lautenschlager(at) 


Areas of responsibility:

• Termination of degree program
• Confirmation of periods of study for German statutory pension insurance
• Double degree programs
• Disenrollment
• Guest students
• Enrollment / also for Master’s and doctoral degree programs
• Online registration / enrollment for undergraduate degree programs without admission restriction
• Online application for undergraduate degree programs with admission restriction
• Re-registration
• Accident report
• Administration of student data (e.g. change of name, change of residence)
• Change of degree program / subject
• Re-enrollment