Teaching News


Courses offering in Winter Term 20/21
In the winter term, we offer the following courses in the Bachelor's program: Public Finance and Political Economy (also creditable for Master Taxation).
In the Master's program, we offer the seminar 'Current Issues in Tax Policy' (Topic: Wealth Transfer Taxation) and the course 'International Trafer Pricing and Income Allocation'.

Winter Term 20/21
Due to Prof. Langenmayr's research sabbatical semester our research assistents will take over the lectures of our department in Winter Term 20/21.

Transfer Prices according to BEPS - and than came Covid-19!
On Monday, Juni 26th from 10.15 p.m. until 11.45 p.m., Dr. Richard Schmidtke (Partner Tranfer Pricing at Deloitte GmbH) gave a guest lecture within the lecture 'Multinational Companies and their Taxation'. In recent years, companies have already had to make significant changes in the determination of transfer prices for tax purposes. The background to this was the OECD's Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project, which aims to combat profit shifting to low-tax countries. No sooner had these adjustments been made than the Covid 19 crisis brought about another major change for companies. 

Summer term 2020
In the summer term 2020, Prof. Langenmayr offered the bachlor courses Decision Theory (in English) and the Introductory seminar Public Economics. For master students we offered the courses Multinational firms and their taxation as well as Tax Policy (in English). For our PhD students we organised the Seminar Research Agenda Management.
All courses took place online until 1st of June at least. You can find detailed information on the individual course pages. Please make sure to register for all courses on KU.Campus.

Second Exam Date for Winter term 2019/2020
All exams that were announced to take place in April are cancelled. We announced when classrooum events took place again.

Winter term 2019/2020
In the winter term 2019/2020, Prof. Dr. Langenmayr offered the master courses 'International Tax: Interdisciplinary Aspects', the seminar 'Current Issues in Tax Policy' as well as 'International Transfer Pricing and Incomes Allocation'. We offered the following Bachelor courses: 'Public Finance', 'Political Economy' , 'Seminar von Public Economics' and in collaboration with Prof. Danzer and Prof. Wiederhold the 'Thesis colloquium Economics'.

Summer term 2019
In the summer term 2019, Prof. Langenmayr offered the courses Decision Theory (in English), Mulitnational firms and their taxation, Introductory seminar Public Economics as well as our PhD Seminar Research Agenda Management.

Winter term 2018/2019
In the winter term 2018/2019, Prof. Langenmayr was on parental leave. The courses Public Finance (in German), Political Economy (in English), and the Seminar on Public Economics (in English) were offered by out guest professor Dr. Dominik Schober and the research assistants of the chair. In addition, we offered in winter term 2018/2019 Empirical Seminar in Productivity Measurement.

Cours offers during the summer term 2018
During the summer term 2018 the chair offered the course Decision Theory (in English) and the Introductory Seminar Public Economics (in German) for Bachelor students. For Master students the chair offered the course Corporate Tax Avoidance (in English) as part of the summer school. For doctoral candidates, the chair offered a doctoral seminar.

University Award for Best Master's Thesis
We congratulate Philipp Krug on receiving the University Award for the Best Master's Thesis. Mr. Krug completed his Master's Thesis on the subject of "How should inheritances be taxed" at the chair of Economics, esp. Public Finance.

Guest Lecture by Dr. Richard Schmidtke
On January 19 a guest lecture by Dr. Richard Schmidtke (Partner, Transfer Pricing, Deloitte Munich) took place. The lecture discussed transfer pricing in international tax law.