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  • The CRITICAL ART EDUCATION RESEARCH LAB is conceptualized as a nexus to the Chair for Art Education and Didactics of Art´s different research fields and research projects. As a spatial unit it is located next to the Chair´s studios to back the ideal modus operandi.
  • The CRITICAL ART EDUCATION RESEARCH LAB is regarded as the hub for continuous interdisciplinary research.
  • The CRITICAL ART EDUCATION RESEARCH LAB is the base for coordinating empiric research in and through the arts seen through the eyes of traditional and digital artistic media.
  • The CRITICAL ART EDUCATION RESEARCH LAB is powered by the use of a range of research methodologies (e. g. qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methods) and participates in the international research discourse.
  • The CRITICAL ART EDUCATION RESEARCH LAB deals with historical and current research topics and has a strong focus on investigating aesthetic experience situations in formal, non-formal and informal learning environments.