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Monographien/ Herausgeberschaften

(2015) Animals and African ethics (Basingstoke/ Hampshire: Palgrave-MacMillan: ISBN 978-1-137-50404-3)

(2010) The moral status and rights of animals (Johannesburg: Porcupine Press; ISBN 978-0-620-46313-3)

(2013) Education Studies: History, Sociology, Philosophy (Kai Horsthemke, Peggy Siyakwazi, Elizabeth Walton & Charl Wolhuter, Hrsg.; Cape Town: Oxford University Press South Africa; ISBN 978-0-199-05621-7)


Beiträge in Sammelbänden und Zeitschriften

(2015) Epistemic empathy in childrearing and education (Ethics and Education 10/1: 61-72) (2015; mit Penny Enslin) Rethinking the “Western tradition” (Educational Philosophy and Theory 47/11: 1166-1174)

(2014) Children and other animals: The possibility and promise of animal rights education (Philosophy of Education 7, Russland: 157-171)

(2014) Of ants and men: Epistemic injustice, commitment to truth, and the possibility of outsider critique (Ethics and Education 9/1: 127-140)

(2014) “On bullshit” and “Mindfucking”: An essay on mental manipulation in education (South African Journal of Philosophy 33/1: 35-46)

(2013) Indigenisation, internationalisation, and Transkulturalität: Approaches to transmission and transformation in education (Philosophy of Education 6, Russland: 103-121)

(2013) Some doubts about “indigenous knowledge”, and the argument from epistemic injustice (Quest 25: 49-76) (2012) Animal liberation: Terrorism or civil disobedience? (Southern African Public Law 27/1: 103-118)

(2011) “Diverse epistemologies”, truth and archaeology: In defence of realism (Science and Engineering Ethics 17: 321-334)

(2010) “Knowledge diversity”, truth and schooling: In (cautious) defence of realism (Journal of Education 48: 77-98)

(2010) African and Afrikaner “ways of knowing”: Truth and the problems of superstition and “blood knowledge” (Theoria 123: 27-51)

(2009; mit Penny Enslin), African philosophy of education: The price of unchallengeability (Studies in Philosophy and Education 28/3: 209-222)

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(2008) The idea of indigenous knowledge (Archaeologies 4/1: 129-143)

(2008; mit Mike Kissack), Vorleben: Educational practice beyond prescription (Journal of Curriculum Studies 40/3: 277-288)

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(2005) Redress and reconciliation in South African education: The case for a rights-based approach (Journal of Education 37: 169-187)

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(2004) “Indigenous knowledge”, truth and reconciliation in South African higher education (South African Journal of Higher Education 18/3: 65-81)

(2004) “Indigenous knowledge”: Conceptions and misconceptions (Journal of Education 32: 31-48)

Kapitel in Monographien/ Handbüchern

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