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Forschungslinie: Focus on Evidence

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1. English Didactics works evidence-based:

LLE (Language Learning Ecosystem) is an evidence-based, holistic approach of English Didactics at KUEI to connect the science and the practice of language learning.

English Didactics staff work extensively with trusted partners mainly in the US to contextualize the science. This ensures that it is easily incorporated into the daily routines of teachers and parents, language learning providers, and advocates to prepare all learners for language acquisition and learning success.


A revolution in our general and language specific understanding of learners` minds, brains, and learning capacities is coming up.  We are now beginning to recognize that especially young children know, feel and learn more, more intensively and faster than we ever dared and allowed ourselves to imagine. 



2. English Didactics KUEI works brain-based:

In laboratories connected around the world, some collaborating with English Didactics` LEARLab @ KUEI, the natural curiosity and drive to learn languages is being uncovered in basic language research studies. Combining the results and findings in interdisciplinary and cross cultural approaches, neural as well as educational scientists are on the forefront of these basic discoveries.

Exetracking, EEG as well as sensitive MEG brain imaging devices can map the mental activity concerning language acquisition, for example to prove that brains are anything but empty from the very beginning.

By combining state-of-the-art brain-imaging technology like EEG, fMRi and MEG with language interaction measures, laboratories are helping to shape tomorrow’s guidelines for language learning, both in preschool and in school, as they explore the influence of biology on language development.