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Enroll in our New and Exciting Summer Semester Courses




Enroll in our new and exciting list of Master's and Bachelor's courses this Summer Semester, including The Science of Happiness (Master’s and Advanced Bachelor’s), Innovation & Creativity (Master’s), Advanced Topics in Consumer Psychology (Master’s) and Innovation through Design for Digital Consumer Experience (Bachelor’s). For all course descriptions, visit





1. “The Science of Happiness”

 A Multi-Disciplinary and Multi-Cultural Approach to Happiness and Well-being

(5 ECTS, Studium.Pro Course or an Elective)

Please click here to visit the website, and get more information about this course

How can we be happier in our professional and personal lives? Get ready to answer this question in a unique summer semester course, “The Science of Happiness” available to all Master’s students and to advanced Bachelor’s students (those who have completed at least 3 semesters of Bachelor studies). This course examines the science behind happiness and is designed for students who want to understand and implement changes that enhance one’s happiness and well-being. Students will learn from the latest knowledge and practical tools from multiple disciplines (Business, Psychology, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology and Theology) on what makes us happy. Students will benefit from 11 visiting international experts on happiness and well-being from Germany, USA, India, Singapore, Sweden, Portugal and Norway. This innovative course is designed to promote happiness, well-being, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence. 


Course Instructor: Prof. Dr. Shashi Matta, and Visiting International Experts on Happiness

Virtual Lecture (Zoom), Friday from 14:15 to 18:00 with multiple breaks



 2. Master Course: “Innovation & Creativity in Individuals, Teams, and Organizations”

(5 ECTS, Mandatory Course for ENTRE, Mandatory Elective for MARKT, and Mandatory Elective for Business & Psychology Master’s program)


This Master’s course uses action-based learning and innovative teaching techniques and has been awarded a teaching grant for innovative teaching from KU. This course is designed to disrupt the traditional university lecture model. It has a pioneering format, one that demands “learning by doing.” It combines pedagogical elements of presentations, active dialogue, application through team-based challenges, a nationally competitive open innovation project, experiential learning activities, hands-on creativity workshops, self-learning and assessment, and most importantly - personal and professional growth. Each class session is structured as a “challenge” that students will solve by applying class learnings on innovation and creativity. Students get multiple opportunities to solve real-world cases, meet innovative companies, successful startups, and executives, and will work on a "live" open innovation project in collaboration with a multinational company.


Course Instructor: Prof. Dr. Shashi Matta

Virtual Lecture (Zoom), Tuesday from 10:15 to 14:00 with multiple breaks



3. Master Course: “Advanced Topics in Consumer Psychology for a Better World”.

(10 ECTS, Mandatory Elective for MARKT, Mandatory Elective for Business & Psychology Master’s program)


This Master's course is designed as a project-based research seminar for students who want a deep dive into consumer psychology research to prepare them for designing, conducting, analyzing, and reporting original, experimental consumer research. The course focuses on advanced theories and current research topics in the field of consumer psychology. In addition, students will learn how to design and implement real-world interventions by using experimental consumer psychology and behavioral research principles. 


Course Instructors: Dr. Gonzalo Luna-Cortés and Prof. Dr. Shashi Matta

Virtual Lectures (Zoom) and Hybrid Tutorials, Monday from 12:15 to 17:00, with multiple breaks



4. Bachelor Course: “Innovation through Design for Digital Customer Experience and Sustainable Solutions”

(5 ECTS, Mandatory Elective for Management and Marketing major)


Can any company boost its potential by improving its digital customer experience through designing innovating products and services, and by being sustainable at the same time? This course aims to compellingly answer this question using frameworks in Innovation, Design Thinking, and Customer Experience (CX). Students will work on a "live" innovation project that combines digital customer experience and sustainability, in collaboration with a real company, as part of the course. 


Course Instructor: Ms. Natalia Rogova

Monday from 8:15 to 12:00, with multiple breaks

Master's Students Pitched their New Venture Ideas to 7 Juror Members


Students of the course “From Idea to Commercialization: Start-up School” pitched their new venture ideas to 7 experts in the field of entrepreneurship. These 7 experts formed a jury and assessed the students’ ideas on February 11, 2021. After listening to the presentations, the jury members asked questions to the students and provided feedback and recommendations for all the venture ideas presented.

Successful Entrepreneurs and Innovators from Germany and USA Conduct Classes and Interact with Students in our “From Idea to Commercialization: Start-up School” Master course, Winter 2020-2021.

From right to left and up to down, Dr. Franz Glatz, Mr. Fabian Foelsch, Mr. Abhi Chakrabarti, Dr. Christian Auktor, Mr. Constantin Schwab, Mr. Ehsan Parsa, Mr. Marc Goldner and Ms. Rachel Korsen

Students had the opportunity to learn from 8 different visiting guest speakers from Germany and USA as part of our Master course, From Idea to Commercialization: Start-up School, during the 2020-2021 winter semester. Each of these 8 guests was an expert in the field of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The list included successful and serial entrepreneurs, the CEO of a digital incubator, and a legal expert on startups and new ventures.



Mr. Constantin Schwab

CEO of Wirelane GmbH, Founder & CEO of kinoheld GmbH, Founder & CEO of Plain Energy GmbH


Mr. Schwab describes himself as a Technology Enthusiast, an Impact Investor, and a Curious Citizen.  A successful serial entrepreneur and a celebrated keynote speaker, he is currently the CEO of Wirelane GmbH, an innovative solution for locating public parking spaces, and a sophisticated ecosystem of charging stations for electric cars. He is the recipient of the Fast Company's Innovation by Design Award (2018) and the Red Dot Award (2019). During his interactive lecture, Mr. Schwab highlighted insights from his experience and multiple ventures, and tips on how to deal with rejection as an entrepreneur.



Dr. Franz Glatz

CEO of brigk, a Digital Incubator


Dr. Glatz’s motto is Machen, Machen, Machen. Armed with a doctorate in Chemistry from TUM, Dr. Glatz worked in Investment Banking before taking the plunge into the world of entrepreneurship and startups. He was the managing director of WERK1, an innovation hub in Munich, before his current stint as the CEO of brigk, a digital tech incubator in the region of Ingolstadt. Drawing from his extensive experience in developing and nurturing innovative and creative startups, Dr. Glatz lectured on the topics of finding the key to opening doors for entrepreneurs and startup ventures, and building a strong network as young entrepreneurs.



Mr. Fabian Foelsch



Mr. Foelsch, a proud WFI alumnus, describes himself as a Passionate Performance-Food Entrepreneur & Biohacker. His successful venture, BRAINEFFECT, develops and sells high-quality supplements and digital coaching, to support day-to-day physical and mental health. His startup has won several awards and he has been featured in the list of top creators in Germany. Mr. Foelsch lectured on funding mechanisms for start-ups, and on how to pitch and negotiate with investors.


Mr. Abhi Chakrabarti (USA)

Co-Founder & CEO of Uplancer, Founder & CEO of Bentolingo, Formerly Founder & CEO of Linguavista


Mr. Chakrabarti is a serial Tech Entrepreneur based in the United States who started his first venture, Linguavista, when he was just 19 years old. After Linguavista was acquired by a private equity firm in less than 6 years, he founded Bentolingo, a language learning app utilizing the power of social learning. As Bentolingo continues to steadily climb the charts of the top 50 education apps in the United States, he is currently nurturing his next startup, Uplancer, a marketplace for student freelancing gigs. In his guest lecture, Mr. Chakrabarti provided his most valuable learnings and his biggest challenges in his journey as a Tech Entrepreneur.



Mr. Marc Goldner and Ms. Rachel Korsen (USA)

Co-Founders of Golden Bell Studios


Mr. Marc Goldner and Ms. Rachel Korsen are co-founders of Golden Bell Studios, a USA based entertainment company that creates animation films, comic books, card games, board games, toys, and video games. Mr. Goldner and Ms. Korsen who started their venture while pursuing their bachelor studies at The Ohio State University, continue to grow their business while individually pursuing different master’s degrees currently. In their guest lecture, Mr. Goldner and Ms. Korsen, their experience of how to balance being a student and an entrepreneur, navigating the entertainment business, and the challenges they face every day in running a very lean startup.



Mr. Ehsan Parsa
Founder & CEO of Rootify, Founder & CEO of Carry-On(-e)Wheel


Mr. Ehsan Allahyar Parsa is a serial entrepreneur in the field of EduTech and the permanent shift to digital learning. Mr. Parsa successfully pitched Rootify on Germany’s Die Höhle der Löwen (the equivalent of the program Shark Tank in the USA) and won investment during his pitch. During his lecture, Mr. Parsa explained how to create and consolidate attractive and winning start-up pitches to investors.



Dr. Christian Auktor

Notar, Ingolstadt


Dr. Auktor is an Official Notary (Notar) based in Ingolstadt, who specializes in corporate law and in helping entrepreneurs in officially setting up their companies. He has a doctorate degree from LMU in Munich, is a publishes research author, and has more than 15 years of experience as a notary in Bavaria. He also volunteers in various social projects in the region. Dr. Auktor conducted an interactive Q&A session during which our students asked questions about legal know-how for starting their ventures and the pros and cons of different type of companies.


Doctoral Seminar on Consumer Research


From November 30 to December 4, 2020, doctoral candidate Natalia Rogova participated in the Doctoral Seminar on Consumer Research organized by the European Institute of Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the seminar was held online.

During the five-day event, Natalia and other international doctoral students learned about current topics in consumer research, how to develop and present interesting research ideas, how to conduct experiments, and use qualitative research methods. The participants applied this knowledge in a group research proposal that they developed and presented at the end of the seminar.

Despite being held online, this seminar helped Natalia to gain valuable insights into consumer research and inspired her to explore new research ideas.

IN-Q Workshop on CliftonStrengths: Identifying and Leveraging your Strengths

Ms. Nicole Seichter
Ms. Nicole Seichter

Prof. Dr. Shashi Matta and Prof. Dr. Jens Hogreve hosted a workshop on CliftonStrengths, featuring an experienced CliftonStrengths coach, Nicole Seichter, on January 11 th 2021. Nicole Seichter is a coach and business consultant, and the author of "Enjoy - A New Approach to Stress and Burn Prevention"

Workshop participants were a mix of Master's and Bachelor's students from WFI. Prior to the workshop, all participants completed the Clifton Strengths Assessment by Gallup and received their individual strengths insight report.

With their strengths insights report in hand, participants engaged in this interactive, digital workshop and participated in small team exercises. The workshop was designed to enhance participants' self-awareness of their own strengths, and to help them understand how to leverage their strengths to become more successful team players and collaborators.

Innovation & Creativity Students Break Another Record: STIHL Cutting Edge Award


Once again, students in the Innovation & Creativity class (summer semester) broke records in a nationwide Open Innovation Challenge. Four teams out of the nine finalists of the STIHL Cutting Edge Award were from this class. KU ended up as the only German university with more than one team in finals. Finally, one of our teams, “Refurbished by STIHL” won the GAME CHANGER Award from STIHL for the most sustainable innovation. Congratulations to our superb students!

A total of 14 teams from the “Innovation & Creativity” master's course participated in this open innovation competition by STIHL as part of their class project. Apart from presenting the project in class, teams had the opportunity to submit their project to the STIHL Cutting Edge Award. More than 350 students from 40 universities and colleges took part in this competition. 

Students had to submit their concept via a pitch deck, develop a website, and a pitch video. In the end, nine teams were selected by STIHL as finalists. Four of these teams were from the Innovation & Creativity class, a record for most teams from a single university. Each of the finalist teams was mentored by a STIHL manager for over ten days prior to the final competition. Of the three awards presented by STIHL, one of our teams, Refurbished by STIHL” won the GAME CHANGER award for the most sustainable innovation.

“Our students prevailed against many other teams and proved that they are among the best and most innovative minds in all of Germany. Both this year (STIHL) and last year (EDF, a French company), our university sent more students to the finals of an open innovation competition than any other university. In both years one of our teams won a grand prize.” -  Prof. Dr. Shashi Matta.

Join us in Congratulating the teams that made it to the finals, including the prize winning team, Refurbished by STIHL –


Team: Refurbished by STIHL

Milena Grasl 

Hanns-Florian Hupe

Marthy Matten

Andrea Schmidl

Sarah Thiele


Team: STIHLrupters

Jan Gutzeit

Sophie Haidl

Lena Müller

Leopold Polonius


Team: STIHL Drohnen Service

Raphael Klepmeier

Larissa Novotny

Lisa Schwarz

Yakop Tolunay


Team: Pathfinders

Kai Baunacher

Vera Betz

Julian Kehrer

Sophia Mauler

Franziska Scholler

Three International Guest Professors visit our Master’s Course: Consumer Psychology & Decision Making, Winter 2020-2021


Three internationally renowned professors – Prof. Vanessa Patrick-Ralhan (USA), Prof. Rebecca Reczek (USA) and Dr. Timo Mandler (France) – visited the Consumer Psychology & Decision Making class in December to present cutting edge research and ideas to our students and to interact with them.

Prof. Dr. Shashi Matta invited three international guest professors to his master’s course, Consumer Psychology & Decision Making, under the KU initiative for “Digital International Guest Professors 2020.” Each of these three international experts presented a lecture that included their latest research and answered questions from students in the class. Students benefited from the exposure to novel ideas and diverse research perspectives and from their engagement with these international professors.

Dr. Timo Mandler from Tolouse Business School (France), an expert on Global Marketing presented during the class session on Cross Cultural Consumer Psychology. Dr. Mandler explained the nuances of branding in global and local markets with numerous examples.

Professor Vanessa Patrick-Ralhan from the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston (USA) is an internationally renowned expert on topics such as the role of emotions, art, aesthetics, design, and luxury branding in consumer behavior. Professor Patrick-Ralhan’s lecture was during the class session on Emotions in Consumer Psychology and included her research on aesthetic incongruity, and her latest work on the averted gaze in advertising.

Professor Rebecca Reczek from the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University (USA) is a celebrated consumer researcher who examines, among other topics, consumers’ lay theories, and ethical and sustainable consumption. Professor Reczek’s lecture was during the class session on Social Influence in Consumer Psychology and included her research on ethical barriers to consumption and the role of social influence.

IN-Q Co-hosts a Thought Leadership Event: Erlebe Zukunft Jetzt


IN-Q presented its third digital event of the year on “How to Educate and Prepare the Next Generation for the Future of Work.” This thought leadership event, “Erlebe Zukunft Jetzt (Experience the Future Now)” included the voices of all major stakeholders to answer this urgent question. Participants included a policy maker, two high school pupils, a school principal, a university president, two university professors, and three industry executives. The event recorded 210 registrations and outstanding participation by the audience in the Q&A feature with 121 questions submitted during this 90-minute interactive event.

Prof. Dr. Jens Hogreve served as the master of ceremonies for the event that opened with three short speeches intended to provide diverse perspectives on “How to Educate and Prepare the Next Generation for the Future of Work.” One of the three speeches was by Prof. Dr. Shashi Matta, who posed and discussed six thought-provoking questions on the topic – 1) Can education start a revolution? 2) Is education the great equalizer in the world? 3) Can education solve the world’s most urgent problems? 4) Is our current education system in schools and universities ready for the challenges of the future? 5) What, according to latest research, are the most important skills for the future of work? And 6) How can we best prepare the next generation for the future of work and society?

The two other speeches were by Benedikt Schmitz, a high school pupil student from Ingolstadt and member of the Fridays For Future movement, and Florian Holste, CEO of Achtzig20.

"Numerous think tanks agree that in the future, problem-solving and critical thinking, creativity, and emotional intelligence will be the most important skills to thrive and succeed.  However, the current education system is obsessed with testing and memorization,” said Professor Matta during his speech. “How can our education system teach these skills to future generations?" he asked to the panel that followed.

The panel that followed included KU President, Prof. Dr. Gabriele Gien, Dr. Reinhard Brandl (member of the Bundestag from Ingolstadt), Edith Philipp-Rasch (principal of Reuchlin Gymnasium which is a leading high school in the region), Donal Doyle (head of IT at HiPP), and Johannes Berle (high school pupil from Katharinen-Gymnasium in Ingolstadt), and was moderated by Maximilian Mahr (a partner at Achtzig20.

Along with IN-Q, the event partners included Achtzig20, KU and WFI, and Mensch in Bewegung.

Video Interview: Prof. Dr. Shashi Matta, Professor of Innovation & Creativity

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Veranstaltungen und Aktuelles am Lehrstuhl für Innovation & Creativity

"Preis der Lehre“ @WFI


Prof. Dr. Shashi Matta wurde im Juli 2020 mit dem "Preis der Lehre", einer alljährlichen Auszeichnung für exzellente Lehre an der WFI - Ingolstadt School of Management, ausgezeichnet. Die gewählte Studentenvertretung an der WFI verleiht diesen Preis jedes Jahr an einen Professor und einen Doktoranden/Postdoktoranden, basierend auf studentischen Bewertungen der Lehre aller an der WFI unterrichteten Kurse der vergangenen zwei Semestern. Die Auszeichnung listet drei Kurse auf, die Professor Matta in den vergangenen zwei Semestern unterrichtet hat - Innovation & Creativity (Master), From Idea to Commercialization (Master) und Brand Management (Bachelor). Herzlichen Glückwunsch an Katharina Hartinger, Doktorandin in Makroökonomie, zum Gewinn desselben Preises für Doktoranden/Postdoktoranden!

Erforschen Sie spannende Themen für Ihre Abschlussarbeit an unserem Lehrstuhl


Wir laden sowohl Master als auch Bachelor Studenten ein, an unserem Lehrstuhl aufregende und innovative Themen für Abschlussarbeiten in verschiedenen Bereichen zu erforschen, darunter Kundenerfahrung, Innovation, Markenbildung, Verbraucherverhalten und -psychologie, Wachstumsstrategie, Peer-Einfluss auf digitale und soziale Medienkanäle, Marketingstrategie, finanzielle und physische Gesundheit der Verbraucher und damit zusammenhängende Verhaltensweisen, Nudging, Geschlechtsidentität und Stereotypen sowie Kreativität der Verbraucher. Wir unterstützen auch studentische Abschlussarbeiten in Zusammenarbeit mit Unternehmen und anderen Industriepartnern und betreuen mehrere Forschungsansätze, darunter Umfragen, experimentelle Forschung, Analyse großer Datenmengen, qualitative Forschung, Fallanalyse und konzeptionelle Forschung mit systematischer Literaturrecherche.

Hier sind einige unserer laufenden Projekte, die spezifische Beispiele für Themen von Abschlussarbeiten bieten -

1. Consumer Psychology and Behavior, including Nudging

2. Digital Customer Experience / Online Word-of-Mouth / Social Influence in Social Media

3. Innovation and Growth Strategies in Small and Mid-Sized Companies   

4. Open Innovation / Co-created Innovation

5. Branding / Brand Extensions / Brand Equity / Employer Branding

6. Gender Identity / Social Identity / Stereotypes in Consumer Behavior

7. Consumers’ Financial Well-Being / Physical Well-Being

8. Consumers’ Privacy and its effect on Consumer Behavior

9. Social and Economic Inequality and its Influence on Consumer Behavior

10. Consumers and their Pets: Factors that Influence Pet Adoption and Pet-related Behavior


Enroll in our New and Exciting Winter Semester Courses


Enroll in our new and exciting list of Master's and Bachelor's courses this Winter Semester, including Consumer Psychology & Decision Making, From Idea to Commercialization, Past-Present-and-Future of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Brand Management, and Consumer Psychology. For all course descriptions, visit:

Winter semester classes

1. New Master Course:  Consumer Psychology and Decision-Making

(5 ECTS, Mandatory Course for Business & Psychology, Mandatory Elective for MARKT and ENTRE)

This course will critically examine concepts in consumer psychology, teach advanced concepts and theories in decision making, and use cutting-edge research in consumer behavior to highlight the latest advances in this field. It will explore, in depth, why we behave the way we do, as consumers, and discuss how individuals, companies and policy makers can use these latest insights from consumer research. 

Course Instructor: Prof. Dr. Shashi Matta

In-Person (Presence) Lectures, Fridays from 12: 30-18: 30 with multiple breaks 


2. Master Course:  From Idea to Commercialization: Start-up School

(5 ECTS, Mandatory Course for ENTRE, Mandatory Elective for MARKT)

This course is designed as a “Start-up School” and will be delivered in close cooperation with the C-level team at a digital incubator, and, other startups and Innovation Hubs in the region. From idea generation to commercialization, from funding mechanisms to innovation pitches, and from scalability to exit strategies, this course will provide students the opportunity to understand the start-to-end process and work on a “live” project.

Course Instructors: Prof. Dr. Shashi Matta and Dr. Gonzalo Luna Cortés

Hybrid Course (Presence and Virtual), Thursdays from 16:00-20:00 with multiple breaks 


3. Master Course: Past, Present, and Future of Entrepreneurship & Innovation

(5 ECTS, Mandatory Course for ENTRE, Mandatory Elective for MARKT)

This is a unique seminar course that provides a high-level overview of the fields of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. It will be co-taught by 5 professors, offering diverse perspectives that connect common themes on the drivers and the consequences of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, (from the five chairs of Innovation & Creativity, Tourism & Entrepreneurship, Service Management, Christian Social Ethics and Social Policy, and Macroeconomics). 

Course Instructors: Professors Andre Habisch, Jens Hogreve, Shashi Matta, Harald Pechlaner and Simon Wiederhold

Virtual Course (Zoom), Mondays from 14: 15-16: 00 and 18: 15-20: 00


4. Bachelor Course: Brand Management in the Digital Age 

(5 ECTS, Mandatory Elective for Management and Marketing)

This course is designed to equip students with frameworks and tools to create, manage, and sustain powerful product and service brands in the era of digital marketing. It will include traditional brand management frameworks and their application to digital marketing.

Course Instructor: Dr. Gonzalo Luna Cortés

Virtual Course (Zoom), Wednesdays from 12: 15-14: 00 and 14: 15-16: 00


5th Bachelor Course: Consumer Psychology 

(5 ECTS, Mandatory Elective for Management and Marketing)

This course delves into the mind of the consumer to uncover processes that influence consumer's behavior. It will not only provide you knowledge of consumer psychology, but will also enhance your understanding of how we, as consumers, can make smarter choices in the marketplace, and how marketers can design and execute successful marketplace strategies.

Course Instructor: Ms. Natalia Rogova

Virtual Course (Zoom), Mondays from 10: 15-12: 00 and 12: 15-14: 00

Neue Forschung im Journal of Retailing


Wie treffen Eltern die Lebensmittelauswahl für ihre Kinder? In einem neuen Artikel im Journal of Retailing untersuchen Professor Matta und seine Koautoren die elterliche Lebensmittelauswahl für ihre Kinder in einem Fast-Food-Restaurant und entwickeln eine Intervention, um diese Eltern zu einer gesünderen Lebensmittelauswahl anzuregen. Anhand von vier Feldstudien, die an Restaurantstandorten einer Fast-Food-Kette durchgeführt wurden, prognostizieren und finden sie heraus, dass Eltern mit einer hohen Neigung zu sozialen Vergleichen und einem formbaren Selbstbild am ehesten der Norm in ihrem elterlichen sozialen Netzwerk entsprechen. Angesichts der Tatsache, dass die Norm in der untersuchten Population darin besteht, eine weniger gesunde Beilage (z.B. Pommes Frites) gegenüber einer gesunden Beilage (z.B. Obst) zu bestellen, führt eine Anpassung zu signifikant weniger gesunden Bestellungen bei den Kindern dieser Personen. Sie zeigen, dass eine auf sozialen Normen basierende Intervention, die darauf abzielt, eine neue gesunde Norm in diesem Einzelhandelsumfeld zu setzen, den Gesamtanteil der Eltern, die sich für einen gesunden Beilagenartikel entschieden, um über 29% erhöhen konnte, indem die Auswahl an gesunden Beilagen speziell für diese Personen erhöht wurde.

Dieser im Journal of Retailing veröffentlichte Artikel ist hier für Sie frei zugänglich.

IN-Q startet mit zwei Workshops und einem Bonusangebot


IN-Q, eine neue, von Professor Shashi Matta und Professor Jens Hogreve mitbegründete Vereinigung, startet mit zwei Workshop-Reihen, "I Can Do This" und "Future Forward". Die ersten beiden Workshops auf Zoom wurden von über 250 Teilnehmern aus zehn verschiedenen Ländern besucht. Ziel von IN-Q ist es, Studenten, Alumni und Organisationen aussagekräftige und top aktuelle Erfahrungen zu vermitteln, indem Vordenker aus nationalen und internationalen Unternehmen und aus dem akademischen Bereich durch Workshops, Veranstaltungen zum Erfahrungslernen, Forschungs-/Beratungsprojekte, Schulungsveranstaltungen, Networking-Veranstaltungen, Kamingespräche und vieles mehr zum Nutzen von Studenten, Alumni, Berufstätigen und Führungskräften eingebunden werden.

Als Bonus ist die IN-Q-Mitgliedschaft in unserem Gründungsjahr kostenlos! Werden Sie Mitglied bei IN-Q und nutzen Sie alle Ressourcen und den Zugang zu den Mitgliederfunktionen - Workshops, Networking-Veranstaltungen, Kamingespräche, Schulungsveranstaltungen und vieles mehr - ohne jegliche Kosten für Sie im Jahr 2020. Nutzen Sie die Vorteile und treten Sie jetzt bei!

Zurück zur Startseite

Zoom-Workshop: Belastbare, zukunftsfähige Teams aufbauen und inspirieren: Maximierung individueller und gemeinsamer Kreativität


Am Freitag, dem 3. Juli 2020, hielt IN-Q einen kostenlosen virtuellen Workshop zum Thema "Belastbare, zukunftsfähige Teams aufbauen und inspirieren" ab. Dieser innovative Workshop, der von den Professoren Jens Hogreve und Shashi Matta (WFI - Ingolstadt School of Management) angeboten wurde, fand unter der Leitung von Martin Weis (McKinsey, Zürich) und Mona Balasubramanian (Gallup, London) statt.

Zoom-Workshop: Stylische Videos erstellen, bearbeiten und veröffentlichen


Am Freitag, den 26. Juni 2020, hielt IN-Q einen kostenlosen virtuellen Workshop über Zoom ab, der von Professor Shashi Matta und Professor Jens Hogreve an der WFI - Ingolstadt School of Management angeboten wurde. Videos sind ein wesentliches Kommunikationsmittel in der heutigen Welt. Während dieses unterhaltsamen und interaktiven Workshops, der von Jake Metzger (USA) geleitet wurde, lernten die Teilnehmer die Grundlagen einer stilvollen und effektiven Videoproduktion mithilfe kostenloser Ressourcen kennen.

Let's Go LEGO

Studierende unseres Masterstudiengangs "Innovation and Creativity" und unseres Bachelorstudiengangs "Innovation through Design for Experience" nahmen an einem praktischen LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Workshop zum Thema Teamkreativität und Innovation teil. Ana Donato, zertifizierte Moderatorin dieser transformativen Methode, leitete diese Workshops zusammen mit Professor Shashi Matta.


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Team am Lehrstuhl gewinnt 1. und 2. Preis im Filmwettbewerb an der KU

Anlässlich des Young Researchers Day an der KU am 9. Oktober 2019 gewannen drei Mitglieder unseres Teams die beiden ersten Preise im Filmwettbewerb "Getting to the Heart of Research". Der Postdoc-Kandidat Dr. Gonzalo Luna-Cortés erhielt den ersten Preis für sein Video über Verbraucherverhalten und Tierschutz.


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Die Doktorandinnen Grazia Pia Palmiotti und Natalia Rogova gewannen den zweiten Preis für ihr Video über die Auswirkung von Achtsamkeit auf das Wohlbefinden. Herzlichen Glückwunsch an unsere Teammitglieder für diese großartige Leistung.


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Summerschool Workshop in Marokko

Prof. Dr. Shashi Matta leitete mehrere Forschungsveranstaltungen bei der diesjährigen Sommerschule in Marokko, die im Oktober 2019 in Casablanca stattfand. Die Sommerschule wurde von der deutschen Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung und der Practical-Wisdom-Society durchgeführt. Vorrangiges Ziel der Sommerschule war es, das Lernen aus unterschiedlichen Forschungsperspektiven auf das Thema Identität zu ermöglichen. Diese Veranstaltung bot eine lebendige und motivierende Lernumgebung, die Doktoranden und fortgeschrittenen Masterstudenten zur Entwicklung ihrer eigenen Forschungsideen inspirierte, die sie dann in den Workshops präsentierten.


Kurs des Studiengangs Innovation & Creativity stellt neuen Rekord auf



422 Teams aus der ganzen Welt nahmen an dieser Challenge teil. 31 Teams wurden für die zweite Runde, bestehend aus der Mentoring-Phase durch EDF, ausgewählt. Von diesen 31 Teams wurden sieben aus dem Kurs des Studiengangs Innovation & Creativity entsandt! 

Laut Agorize war die Zahl von sieben Teams von einer einzigen Universität ein neuer Rekord bei den Open Innovation Challenges, die sie weltweit durchgeführt haben.

Die herzlichsten Glückwünsche an unsere hervorragenden Studierenden!

Work Hard, Play Harder? Do Both with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

Prof. Dr. Shashi Matta wurde nach erfolgreichem Abschluss eines Trainingsworkshops in Florenz (Italien) im September 2019 als Moderator für die LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methode zertifiziert. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® ist ein tiefgreifendes, innovatives, erfahrungsorientiertes Verfahren zur Steigerung der Unternehmensleistung. Es basiert auf der Überzeugung, dass jeder zu der Diskussion, den Entscheidungen und dem Ergebnis beitragen kann.


Singapore Slings and Friendly Merlions



Professor Shashi Matta und die Doktoranden Grazia Pia Palmiotti und Natalia Rogova nahmen an der jährlichen „Frontiers in Service Conference“ teil, die dieses Jahr in Singapur stattfand (18. bis 21. Juli 2019). Im Namen des Teams stellte Professor Matta ihre gemeinsame Forschungsarbeit zum Thema "Emulating Success of Learning from Failure? The Role of Personal Saving Orientation, Implicit Self-Theories, and Peer Persuasion on Financial Behaviors " vor.

Spannende Exkursionen: Innovationszentren in München

Die Studierenden des Masterstudiengangs Innovation & Creativity unternahmen mit Professor Shashi Matta zwei spannende Exkursionen nach München, um die Innovationszentren Werk1 und Wayra zu besuchen. Auf dem Programm stand die Interaktion mit mehreren Unternehmern, die ihre Start-ups vorstellten und ihre Geschäftsmodelle mit den Studierenden diskutierten.


Wie fit sind Sie in Sachen Datenschutz?

Im Juni 2019 wurde Professor Shashi Matta eingeladen, seine Forschung zum Thema Auswirkungen der Datenschutzkompetenz auf das Online- und Offline-Verhalten der Verbraucher und ihr Vertrauen in Marken auf der Thought Leaders Conference zum Thema Datenschutz im Marketing in Florenz vorzustellen.


EDF Open Innovation Challenge zur E-Mobilität



Studierende im Masterstudiengang Innovation & Creativity von Professor Shashi Matta nahmen an einer globalen Open Innovation Challenge teil, die von EDF, einem französischen Energieunternehmen, in Zusammenarbeit mit Agorize durchgeführt wurde. Sechzehn Teams von je fünf Studierenden stellten in der Klasse ihr Pitch Decks vor und reichten ihre Vorschläge für diese Challenge ein, an der Universitäten aus aller Welt teilnahmen. Möge das beste Team gewinnen!

Zur Gastprofessur geladen

Professor Shashi Matta wurde an die Toulouse Business School eingeladen, um den Studierenden des Masterstudiengangs "Grande Ecole" eine Vorlesung zum Thema "Nudge Marketing for Healthy Food Consumption" zu halten, 25. März 2019


Einladung: Forschungspräsentation in der Pink City in Toulouse



Professor Shashi Matta stellte am 22. März 2019 im Social & Innovation Marketing Lab der Toulouse Business School seine Forschung zum Thema "Parental Food Choice for Children" vor. Diese Forschungsarbeit wurde gemeinsam mit Professor Jens Hogreve (KU), Alexander Hettich (KU) und Professor Rebecca Reczek (OSU) verfasst. Professor Matta wurde während seines Besuchs ebenfalls eingeladen, eine Vorlesung zum Thema "Nudging for Healthy Food Consumption" im Rahmen des Masterstudiengangs an der TBS zu halten.

Meta Analysis Workshop, Hamburg, März 2019

Vom 12. bis 15. März 2019 nahmen die Doktorandinnen Grazia Pia Palmiotti und Natalia Rogova an einem vom VHB organisierten Workshop zur Meta-Analyse unter der Leitung von Prof. Tammo Bijmolt in Hamburg teil.

Doktoranden Grazia Pia Palmiotti (links) und Natalia Rogova (rechts)
Doktoranden Grazia Pia Palmiotti (links) und Natalia Rogova (rechts)

Center for Positive Marketing und ANA-Forschungsstipendium 2019, New York

Professor Shashi Matta und seine Koautoren, Professor Nicole Kirpalani und Professor Shanshan Lou, erhielten für ihr Forschungsvorhaben "Hot Data, Cold Trust: The Role of Privacy Literacy in Restoring Trust and Consumer-Brand Relationships” auf der Jahreskonferenz des Center for Positive Marketing in New York im Februar 2019 den ersten Platz für die Forschungsförderung. Die Konferenz und der Forschungszuschuss wurden vom Center for Positive Marketing an der Gabelli School of Business der Fordham University (New York) und der Association of National Advertisers (ANA) gesponsert.

From left to right: Sharon Hudson (ANA), Prof. Shanshan Lou, Prof. Nicole Kirpalani, Prof. Shashi Matta, and Prof. Dawn Lerman (Fordham University)

Nicht SXSW, aber die AMA-Winterkonferenz in Austin, Februar 2019



Professor Shashi Matta präsentierte im Februar 2019 seine Forschung zum Thema "Parental Food Choice for Children" auf der jährlichen AMA Winter Educators' Conference in Austin. Diese Forschungsarbeit wurde gemeinsam mit Professor Jens Hogreve (KU), Alexander Hettich (KU) und Professor Rebecca Reczek (OSU) verfasst.

Interdisziplinäre Ashoka U Pre-Conference, San Diego, Februar 2019

Professor Shashi Matta stellte seine Forschungsarbeit zum Thema " Parental Food Choice for Children" im Rahmen der Beyond Borders and Boundaries: Bridging Theory and Practice in Creating Social GoodAshoka U Pre-conference vor, die im Februar 2019 in San Diego abgehalten wurde. Diese Forschungsarbeit wurde gemeinsam mit Professor Jens Hogreve (KU), Alexander Hettich (KU) und Professor Rebecca Reczek (OSU) verfasst.


Forschungsförderung: Think Forward Initiative (TFI) der ING: Forschungszuschuss 2018-2019

Professor Matta erhielt im Rahmen der ING "Think Forward Initiative" eine Forschungsförderung zur Untersuchung des finanziellen Wohlergehens von Flüchtlingen. Professor Matta's Koautor und Projektpartner ist Professor Jens Hogreve.


Michael Ries untersucht finanzielles und physisches Wohlergehen aus jahrzehntelang erhobenen SOEP-Daten in Deutschland

Wir gratulieren Michael Ries zum erfolgreichen Abschluss seiner Bachelorarbeit an unserem Lehrstuhl. Herr Ries untersuchte jahrzehntelang erhobene SOEP-Daten zum finanziellen und physischen Wohlergehen deutscher Bürger und erforschte, ob und wie diese beiden Konstrukte zusammenhängen. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu dieser tollen Arbeit!


Sieg in den Regionalmeisterschaften - KICC 2019!

Ein Team aus WFI-Studierenden hat den 1. Platz in den Regionalmeisterschaften der KPMG Innovation & Collaboration Challenge #KICC2019 in München gewonnen. Unser Team bestehend aus vier WFI-Studierenden setzte sich gegen die starke Konkurrenz von vier anderen Teams, einschließlich der Teams von LMU, TUM und Bocconi, durch und qualifizierte sich für das Bundesfinale in Berlin. Die KPMG Challenge lautete: "Welche Innovationen würden dazu beitragen, Menschen in benachteiligten Gemeinden in Ihrem Land zu befähigen, ihre Gesundheit und ihr Wohlbefinden selbst in die Hand zu nehmen?“ Das Team - bestehend aus den WFI-Bachelor-Studierenden Margareta Gratii, Marc Helmers, Pascal Linz und Moritz Nusser - wurde vom Lehrstuhl für Innovation and Creativity entsandt. Die Studierenden entwarfen eine App zum Thema "Finanzielle Achtsamkeit", um finanziell bedingten Stress zu reduzieren und die finanzielle Entscheidungsfindung von Flüchtlingen zu verbessern, denen kürzlich in Deutschland Asyl gewährt wurde. Aufgrund der Erkrankung eines Teammitglieds konnten nur drei Studierende aus unserem Team an der bundesweiten Runde in Berlin teilnehmen. Trotz der reduzierten Aufstellung des Teams haben unsere Studierenden in Berlin alles gegeben und verpassten nur knapp den Einzug in die internationale Auswahlrunde.