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Advanced Planning and Scheduling

APS covers conceptual frameworks and OR-based methods as well as corresponding information systems for integrated planning of the entire supply chain at the operational level. The hierarchical planning framework of APS constitutes a pragmatic approach disaggregating complex planning problems into manageable subproblems and coordinating the partial solution to an ample overall solution. Deterministic and stochastic optimisation models as well as heuristics are applied to support decisions in specific planning domains along the main supply chain processes. Over the last decade, standard software solutions implementing the aforementioned concepts and methods have emerged and are now well-established in business operations.

Supply Chain Planning Matrix (based on Fleischmann et al., 2008)
Supply Chain Planning Matrix (based on Fleischmann et al., 2008)

Completed Reseach Projects

Hierarchical Production Planning under Uncertainty

Value-based Performance and Risk Optimization in Supply Chains