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Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is characterized by major changes in its history that come along with new challenges. In the last thirty years lean management has been the maxim of the manufacturers and suppliers which has led to a decrease in the numbers of suppliers and outsourcing of production and services. Globalisation of markets made new structures for procurement, production and distribution necessary. At the same time customers have demanded a wider range of car types with various configurations while Western markets are saturated. To confront these developments and operate efficiently in this environment new processes and methods are engineered.

Current Research Projects

Demand and Capacity Management in Purchasing (Michael Czech)
Leveled Call-offs in the Automotive Industry (Leopold Weckbach)
Leveling in International Production Networks (Sven Woogt)

Completed Reseach Projects

Supply Chain Based Supplier Integration
Strategic Configuration of Automotive Production Systems Considering Changes in Products and Variants