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Brief report of the Lecture Series "Sustainability in China" SS 2018

Competence Center Sustainability in China (CCSC) with the support of Audi-Confucius Institute Ingolstadt organized a Lecture series “Sustainability in China” in summer term 2018 at Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. The interdisciplinary lecture deals with relevant aspects of sustainable development and sustainability management in China. Seven lecturers from China and Germany introduce into their relevant academic research results or share their practical experience.

·         Prof. Dr. André Habisch, Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

·         Hannes Schleeh, Managing Director of China –Zentrum -Bayern

·         Qiang Zhou, Founder of ZD Automotive GmbH

·         Prof. Dr. Haiyun Chen, Tongji University

·         Dong Li, Founder of Xetabyte GmbH

·         Prof. Martin Bader, THI University of applied science Ingolstadt

·         Prof. Dr. Bernd Cyffka, Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

This course provided multidisciplinary insights from business science, economics, engineering, entrepreneurship, environmental science, cultural geography etc. Students gain an overview on the status quo of sustainable development and sustainability-related business innovations in China against the background of new Chinese national plan in 2020, 2035, and 2050, which aims to implement the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. After completing the course, students showed their understanding of Chinese economic developments and ability to analyze the importance of sustainable development in China through their term papers. Followings are some selected term papers from the lecture series:

·   Isabel Blümel (2018), Practical Wisdom as the underlying Success Factor of the Alibaba Group;

·   Christian Gabler (2018), Multi-level Perspective on Sustainability Transition: A Case Study on Yangtze River;

·   Sophia Fuchs (2018) The integration of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in China’s One Belt, One Road Initiative – An Analysis;

·   Tobias Mauch (2018) Urbanization in China and its Impacts on Sustainability;

·  Anna Katharina Schröder (2018) Sustainable Human Resources Management – A Comparison between Germany and China;

·   Sharlene Schürger (2018), E-waste Management in China: Overview, Trends and Solution approach towards a sustainable e-waste Management;

·   Reimer Stobbe (2018), Made in China as a Brand in Germany;

·   Patrick Taglinger (2018), Externalities of Bike-Sharing Systems – Findings across Urban China;

·   Lu Tan (2018), Practical Wisdom-Taoism and Sustainability in China;

·   Alan Vizjak (2018), Current Status and Alternative Agricultural Methods for Sustainable Food Security in China – a Literature Review;

·   Florian Wehle (2018), A theoretical and empirical Analysis of Rural Poverty Reduction Programs in China;

·   Zihao Zhang (2018), Implementation of a Sustainability Balanced Scorecard - Using the Case of China Mobile Limited.


16.04.2018 On Monday evening the opening event of the lecture series "Sustainability in China" took place in the premises of the Faculty of Economic Sciences Ingolstadt of the KU; almost 40 business administration students - Chinese guest students in Ingolstadt as well as German students who are interested in China or are preparing for their time there as part of the double bachelor programmes. The event is also an example of how the concrete cooperation of both Ingolstadt universities - represented here by the AUDI Confucius Institute Ingolstadt and the'Competence Centre Sustainability in China' - can form a positive location factor for Ingolstadt. In the next weeks different speakers will contribute to the lecture series: Chinese guest lecturers at the KU, German professors of various disciplines (economics - technology - geography) related to China, Chinese entrepreneurs with partial field of activity in Germany etc.. Students gain insights into very different fields of German-Chinese cooperation and round off their newly gained perspectives with independent essays on sub-themes of sustainability management and environmental policy in China - supervised by their lecturers and in an international auditorium.

The lecture series (in English) is also open to the public. Here is a list of the dates and topics of the lecture in the summer semester 2018:

16.04.18 Welcome Event, Prof. Dr. Peter Augsdörfer

23.04.18 Prof. Dr. André Habisch, KU (Multi-level Perspective on Sustainability Transition: Rhine and Yangtze River)

30.04.18 Prof. Dr. André Habisch, KU (Practical Wisdom and Sustainability in China)

07.05.18 Hannes Schleeh, China-Centre-Bavaria (Building Sustainable Relationship with China)

14.05.18 Qiang Zhou, ZD Automotive GmbH (Sustainability in company strategy)

28.05.18 Prof. Dr. Haiyun Chen, Tongji University (China's urbanization and sustainability)

04.06.18 Dong Li, Xetabyte GmbH (Sustainable digitalization)

11.06.18 Prof. Dr. oec. HSG Martin Bader, THI (Forced technology transfer policies: workings in China and strategic implications)

18.06.18 Prof. Dr. Haiyun Chen, Tongji University (Chinese national plan in 2020, 2035, and 2050 and UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development)

25.06.18 Prof. Dr. Bernd Cyffka, KU (Sustainable Land Management along the Tarim River)

The event takes place from 6 p.m. - 7.30 p.m. in the new building in room Z 01 at the Faculty of Economics of the Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt (Auf der Schanz 49, 85049 Ingolstadt).

Pre-celebration of Chinese New Year

Chinese Consulate General hold a reception on January 23. 2018 in Munich. It is organized to celebrate Chinese Spring Festival with industry representatives working and living in Bayern. Two members of CCSC had the honor to be invited to participate the event. And got the chance to introduce the idea of CCSC and communicate sustainability topics within the participants.


CUSC Workshop "scientific Paper writing"

How to write a scientific paper has been frequently asked by Chinese students. The Chinese students who had their studies in China before they came to Germany lack the knowledge of writing a paper scientifically. So the CUSC organized a workshop about scientific writing which is very helpful meant by the students.  


Semester Welcome meeting

The first welcome meeting to Chinese students for the winter semester 2017 was organized by CCSC on the 26th October.  More than 20 Chinese students from both KU and THI joint together at the WFI to get to know each other. At the meeting, students who already been in Germany for some semesters shared their experience and tips about for example, how to register lectures and how to separate waste according to German standards, which are useful for new coming Chinese student.

A Brochure for new coming students that made by CCSC are introduced during the meeting, which were highly appreciated by the Students.  After the meeting students enjoyed Hotpot for dinner. 



CUSC scientific advisory board is established

On 24th October.2017 in the constituent scientific Supervisory Board meeting of CCSC, Professors from KU and THI came to WFI and discussed the future development of CCSC.

The scientific supervisory Board include following Professors:

Prof. Dr. Habisch, professorship of Christian Social Ethics and Social Policy at KU (WFI);

Prof. Dr. Hans-Martin Zademach, Professor of Economic Geography at KU;

Prof. Dr.  Rainer Greca, former holder of professorship of economic and organizational sociology

Prof. Dr. Harald Pechlaner , Chair of Tourism / Center for Entrepreneurship;

Prof. Dr. Peter Augsdörfer, Head of International Academic Relations for THI;

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tobias Schrag, Programme director and Academic advisor Renewable Energy Sytems;

Bavarian China Day 2017


On Tuesday 17th October 2017 the third Bavarian China Day with topic “Startups in China and Germany” was held successfully in the Audi museum mobile.

Dr. Christian Lösel, Mayor of Ingolstadt, Mr. Hao Cai, deputy consul general Munich, and Mr. Dr. Markus Eder, Bavarian Ministry of Economy, Median, Energy and technology opened the event with their welcome addresses. In the program that followed, both Chinese and German entrepreneurs shared their experience with the other country. For example, Mr. Qiang ZHOU, as the first Chinese company that settled in China Center Bayern, gave insights into the difficulties and advantages for Chinese Start-Up in Germany, which he experienced himself. The panel discussion on advantages of Bavarian and Chinese cooperation reviewed the fact that China is moving faster in the field of digitalization, which brings extensive convenience for business and everyday life. 

Since 2015, the Bavarian China Day has been establishing itself as one of the most important events for communication between China and Germany. The host of the event, the China Bayern Center, is one of the partners within the CCSC network will work together with CCSC for next year’s Bavarian China Day with its focus on sustainability. 

28.06.2017 CUSC Workshop

CUSC workshop on 28.06 invited both Chinese and German students to discuss sustainability business in China. The Chinese student union in Ingolstadt sponsored this workshop to help Chinese students’ research competence. Ms. Dr. Gu from the local medium-size company Büchl hold a speech about their sustainability activities, and introduced the newly founded Institute of applied Sustainability in Ingolstadt, which was funded by the company Büchl and THI. Büchl Group is a family company with expertise and experience in waste disposal, waste management and recycling. The company is a successful example that initiate its own business by implicating sustainability into practice, which created huge shared value not only for the company it shelfs, but also for the society as well as the environment. The questions raised by Dr. Gu are how can a German small-medium sized company work with Chinese state-owned companies in China, what are the best strategies when they enter Chinese market. The heated discussion among Prof. Habisch, Dr. Gu and students is highly appreciated by the students.

Our CCSC partner, the Audi Confucius Institute Ingolstadt invite you to its opening with various programs around Chinese culture on Tuesday, 23rd. May, from 12:00 to 19:30. More information please see the official website of Audi Confucius Institute Ingolstadt. 






CUSC First Seminar