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Welcoming address from the Dean of the WFI - Ingolstadt School of Management

Prof. Dr. Max Ringlstetter
  • It is my great pleasure to  introduce you our faculty. One of the youngest business schools in all of Germany, the WFI  carefully selects  students based on their academic potential, competencies and social skills. Prospective students can  expect  a challenging and supportive academic atmosphere

    Our faculty particularly stands out due to its excellent lecturer-student ratio. Hence our courses are  intense and highly interactive. We provide an international education according to the highest quality standards through a worldwide network of prestigious universities, as well as double degree programs with distinguished Chinese and French Universities.  Close cooperation with almost 20 well-chosen companies from various business sectors guarantees the practical relevance of our  programs and allows students to collect practical experience at an early stage

    The result is a profound education combining thorough academic study with practical relevance, giving our alumni a  distinctive character and turning them into highly sought-after,  in demand employees.

    See you soon at  the Ingolstadt School of Management,


    Prof. Dr. Max Ringlstetter

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