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Course III – Intensive German and Literature: Travel

German language course in the morningIntensive German language class (upper intermediate to advanced level); project work
Target groupStudents/professionals with both interest in and experience with German language and culture
Specific program in the afternoon (26 hrs)

German literature class

Language of instruction: German

Optional program in the eveningDrama and dancing class (2–3 x per week)
PrerequisitesGerman B1+/B2
Number of students per classMax. 18
Schedule Schedule (subject to change) (last updated: 8 December 2016)

Literature course: Travel

Classroom hours26
Language of instructionGerman
Course content/ methods

"Where are we going, then?" This is the famous question raised in Novalis' novel Heinrich von Ofterdingen, a key work of Romanticism, of this literary era which is known, among other things, for its depictions of travels and voyages, of wanderlust and desired destinations. Yet it is not only in the romantic period that travel represents an important theme; we know of writings even from ancient times that tell of people who are on a journey - to unknown places, to familiar destinations, to new shores and, above all, to their inner selves.


This seminar is also a journey – a voyage through literary texts that tell of departure and abandonment, of wanderlust and homesickness, of unknown places and home.

Certification/ credits based onActive and regular participation

Excursion to Ingolstadt

Hours3 hrs
Language of instructionGerman
Course contentDuring the excursion to Ingolstadt, the group will initially be greeted by an official representative of the city at the city hall, where you will find a snack bar. This will be followed by a tour of the city, after which there will be some time for an individual stroll through town.