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The Catholic University

The Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt was established as a scientific college in 1980. The university is committed to academic as well as catholic tradition.

In practice, this means on the one hand, that the university is open to students of all confessions, that no study fees are charged, that the exams passed at the KU grant the same rights as those at state colleges and that the freedom of science is guaranteed. On the other hand, the catholic fundament means for example, that the results of research as well as the everyday way of acting, which the college prepares for, should be critically questioned. For example, company ethics or journalistic ethics are cornerstones of the respective academic programs. Moreover, a special emphasis is placed on to the cooperation of disciplines and the open-mindedness, which is also the basis for dialogue with other religions. The university attempts to be an academic community, which mediates expert knowledge and social competence at the same time.

International und Interdisciplinary

Hardly any other university offers its students as many possibilities to study abroad as the CU. More than 200 partner universities in Europe, North America, Latin America, as well as Asia and Oceania are the basis for the internationality of the CU. Moreover, the best prerequisites for interdisciplinary collaboration exist at a small university, and students profit from this with a special range of course offerings. Thus, for instance, political scientists, historians, and literary scholars research together at the Center for Latin American Studies, and the Institute for Central and Eastern European Studies has a similar research group.

Apart from research, vocational training, and continuing education, the CU provides interested companies with opportunities for cooperation. Such collaboration includes, for example, classic consultation projects, research projects, practical seminars, workshops, and lectures for companies, and consultation also comes
through student initiatives.