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Regular foreign language courses held at the faculty of Economic Science

The language centre at the Catholic University of Eichstätt is responsible for providing all regular foreign language courses within the faculty of Economic Science. The courses offered include Language for Economics in French and Spanish as well as in Chinese (as part of the German-Chinese combined Bachelor). The language centre also offers a large variety of general language courses to help students prepare for semesters abroad.




1. Preparatory Courses

A good basic knowledge of the language is required to participate in one of the Language for Economics courses at the faculty of Economic Science in Ingolstadt. Basic knowledge can be obtained through preparatory courses provided by the language centre in one of the following languages:

Further Information on preparatory courses

2. General language courses

The language centre offers general language courses in Chinese, English (TOEFL-preparation), French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian.

All courses extend over two or four semesters.

Registration through KU.Campus only.

All Language for Economics courses are provided by the faculty of Economic Science (WWF) in Ingolstadt: Language for Economics at the WWF