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Lecture Series 'Space - Society - Economy'

Space – Society – Economy is a lecture series that examines current issues about the relationship between space, society and economy with renowned international guest speakers at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. The lecture series was established in 2010 and is currently organized by the Professorship of Economic Geography in cooperation with the Chair of English Literature Studies (Prof. Dr. Richard Nate), the Chair of Management Accounting (Prof. Dr. Anton Burger) and the International Office (Dr. Martin Groos). It aims to further internationalize the teaching at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt and we invite interested students and staff members of all faculties to participate.

Each term four to six international guest speakers are invited to present and discuss their recently finalized scientific publications. The main topic approaches the various relationships between Space – Society – Economy whereby each term represents a specific focus. Recent debates and discussions focussed on the topics Uneven World (WS 2015/2016), In and Out of Place II (SS 2015) and I (WS 2014/2015), KIDSp(l)aces (SS 2014), Power of Place (WS 2013/14), Virtual Spaces (SS 2013), Well Being – Well Spaces (WS 2012/13), Social Movements and Protest (SS 2012), Alternative Economies (WS 2011/12), Global South II (SS 2011) and Global South I (WS 2010/11). 


Main focus of the current semester 

This summer term’s topic Sustainable Futures focusses on the world community’s vision to build a resilient future that harmonizes economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection – an aim strongly promoted by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals which officially came into force on 01 January 2016. The lecture series takes up on this vision by presenting five distinguished scholars who are going to discuss practices, politics and pathways supporting a transition towards sustainable futures at the local, national and global scale. In doing so, special attention will be paid to governmental and non-governmental actors as agents of change in shaping governance systems that are more attentive to diverse economical, societal and environmental needs within different regulatory and cultural contexts. Furthermore, the series will particularly discuss the role(s) of local communities in shaping alternative production, consumption and financial systems that are adapted to their specific demands and hence increase their capacity to cope with environmental or societal risks such as climate change, changing disease patterns, scarcity of local and global resources. 



08.06.2016 | Wed (18:00 – 19:30)
Dr. Tim Brown (School of Geography, Queen Mary University of London):
Experiments in the city: Making healthy and sustainable spaces

15.06.2016 | Wed (18:00 – 19:30)
Dr. Pushpa Arabindoo (Department of Geography, University College London):
The nature of the unprecedented: Anatomy of Chennai floods

22.06.2016 | Wed (18:00 – 19:30)
Prof. Sarah Hall (School of Geography, University of Nottingham):
Banking with Chinese characteristics in London’s financial district: State led internationalisation and the challenge of market making

28.06.2016 I Tue (18:00 - 19:30)
Dr. Adam Dixon (School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol)
The state as institutional investor: Unpacking the geographical political economy of sovereign wealth funds

06.07.2016 | Wed (18:00 – 19:30)
Dr. Teis Hansen (Department of Human Geography, Lund University):
The Geography of Sustainability Transitions


The series is accompanied by a reading seminar which takes place Mondays before the respective lectures.

Being an interdisciplinary project, the lecture series aims to explicitly address students and staff members of all faculties. Those interested are invited to either attend the entire lecture series or single sessions. Additionally, students can participate in an accompanying seminar which gives them the opportunity to receive credit points and to gain deeper insights into scientific discourses on the interdisciplinary field of Space - Society - Economy.

In this respect we are looking forward to an exciting summer term's programme and welcome you to our lecture series Space - Society - Economy.
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