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Power of Place

In this winter semester, the central concern of the series was a basic reflection of the concept of PLACE as cognitive principle and relevant to action. Background was that despite the closer examination of space-related research topics in the social sciences and cultural studies during the last two decades (spatial turn), recently there has been pointed shortcomings of research about space with respect to the conceptual and philosophical foundations. In close dialogue with the philosophy, that had provided an important impetus for the development of the spatial turn, the lecture series aimed to examine place in recent phenomenological approaches of different disciplines more detailed. Accordingly, there was close cooperation with the recently established KU Graduate School Philosophy of Place.



23.10.2013 | Prof. Celia Lury (Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, University of Warwick):
Bringing the world into the world: the material semiotics of topological culture


13.11.2013 | Dr. Anne Cronin (Department of Sociology, Lancaster University):
Friends, felt connections and emplacement: thinking through place and space in friendship


27.11.2013 | Prof. Gill Valentine (Department of Geography, University of Sheffield):
Lived difference: a narrative account of spatiotemporal processes of social differentiation


04.12.2013 | Prof. Maya Öztürk (Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, Bilkent University Ankara):
Re-thinking the power of space/place through the body: collective sites as sites of emergence


10.12.2013 | Prof. Tim Cresswell (International Affairs, Northeastern University Boston):
Assembling Place: The Case Maxwell Street, Chicago