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  • PD Dr. habil. Holger Roschk

    Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
    Ingolstadt School of Management
    Auf der Schanz 49
    85049 Ingolstadt

    Room: 314 NB
    Phone: +49 (0)841 9372-1897
    Email: holger.roschk(at)
    Internet: Google Scholar

    Research focus
    • Service Recovery Management
    • Meta-Analysis
    • International Marketing
    • Empirische Managementforschung (Empirical Management Research)
    • Global Marketing Management
    • Cross-Cultural Management
    • Seminar Internationales Management (Seminar International Management)
  • Office hours
    • Tuesday, 12.15 - 13.45 a.m.
      (by prior arrangement)
    Responsibilities at the chair
    • Recognition of learning agreements
    • Double master's degree (with Toulouse)
    • Internships double master's degree (with Toulouse)
Employment history

2011 - present: Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Chair of International Management, Post-doc Researcher
2008 - 2010: EU-funded research project REMARK (retraining courses in intercultural marketing), Lecturer
2006 - 2011: Ilmenau University of Technology, Chair of Marketing, Research Assistant
2002 - 2008: Entrepreneurship and industry activities (e.g. for Paradigma GmbH)


2014: Habilitation (habil.), Business Administration, Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
2011: Doctorate (Dr. rer. pol.), Marketing, Ilmenau University of Technology
2006: Diploma (Dipl.-Kfm.), Business Administration, Dresden University of Technology



[J7] Roschk, H.; Gelbrich, K. (2014): "Identifying Appropriate Compensation Types for Service Failures: A Meta-analytic and Experimental Analysis", in Journal of Service Research, 17 (2): 195-210. (Ranking: A).

[J6] Gelbrich, K.; Roschk, H. (2011): "A Meta-Analysis of Organizational Complaint Handling and Customer Responses", in Journal of Service Research, 14 (1): 24-43. (Ranking: A).



[J5] Roschk, H.; Kaiser, S. (2013): "The Nature of an Apology: An Experimental Study on How to Apologize After a Service Failure", in Marketing Letters, 24 (3): 293-309. (Ranking: B).

[J4] Gelbrich, K.; Roschk, H. (2011): "Do Complainants Appreciate Overcompensation? A Meta-Analysis on the Effect of Simple Compensation vs. Overcompensation on Post-complaint Satisfaction", in Marketing Letters, 22 (1): 31-47. (Ranking: B).


C-Journals and other

[J3] Loureiro, S.M.C.; Roschk, H. (2014): "Differential Effects of Atmospheric Cues on Emotions and Loyalty Intention with Respect to Age under Online/Offline Environment", in Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 21 (2): 211-219. (Ranking: C).

[J2] Roschk, H.; Müller, J.; Gelbrich, K. (2013): "Age Matters: How Developmental Stages of Adulthood Affect Customer Reaction to Complaint Handling Efforts", in Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 20 (2): 154-164. (Ranking: C).

[J1] Roschk, H.; Große, S. (2013): "Talking about Films: Word-of-Mouth Behaviour and the Network of Success Determinants of Motion Pictures", in Journal of Promotion Management, 19 (3): 299-316.


Book and book chapters:

[BC3] Roschk, H.; Gelbrich, K.; Eisend, M. (2015): "Advertising, Cross-Cultural", in: Donsbach, W. (Ed.): Concise Encyclopedia of Communication, Malden/MA: Blackwell Publishing.

[BC2] Gelbrich, K.; Roschk, H.; Eisend, M. (2013): "Advertising, Cross-Cultural", in: Donsbach, W. (Ed.): The International Encyclopedia of Communication, Malden/MA: Blackwell Publishing. [previous version Gelbrich & Roschk (2008)].

[BC1] Roschk, H. (2011): Gerechtigkeit bei der Beschwerdebehandlung - Der moderierende Einfluss von Kunden- und Situationsmerkmalen, Dissertation, Wiesbaden: Gabler.


Conferences and talks:

[C9] Roschk, H.; Gelbrich, K. (2014): "The Value of Saying Sorry: How Psychological Compensation Complements Monetary Compensation when Recovering from a Service Failure", 23rd Annual Frontiers in Services Conference.

[C8] Roschk, H. (2014): "Wiedergutmachungsformen für einen Servicefehler aus Sicht der Resource Exchange Theory: Eine metaanalytische und experimentelle Analyse", 44. Jahrestagung der Wissenschaftlichen Kommission Marketing.

[C7] Roschk, H., & Gelbrich, K. (2013): "A Meta-Analysis on Finding an Adequate Compensation Type for Recovering from a (Service) Failure", 35th ISMS Marketing Science Conference.

[C6] Pezoldt, P., Michaelis, A., Roschk, H., & Geigenmüller, A. (2012): "Hedonic Consumption: An Empirical Investigation of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Product Cues", in Proceedings of the 2012 ANZMAC-Conference.

[C5] Roschk, H.; Kaiser, S. (2012): "Apologizing after a Service Failure: It does not matter what you say but how you say it", in 41st Proceedings of the 2012 EMAC Conference. (Ranking: D)

[C4] Roschk, H.; Große, S. (2011): "Motion Pictures: Integrating Word-of-Mouth into the Network of Success Determinants", in Proceedings of the 2011 ANZMAC-Conference. 

[C3] Gelbrich, K.; Müller, J.; Grégoire, Y.; Roschk, H. (2011): "The More Compensation the Better? The Nonlinear Relationship Between Compensation Level and Post-Complaint Satisfaction", in Proceedings of the 2011 ANZMAC-Conference.

[C2] Roschk, H.; Müller, J.; Gelbrich, K. (2010): "The Moderating Impact of Age on Post-complaint Behavior", in 39th Proceedings of the 2010 EMAC Conference, Suzanne C. Beckmann, Torsten Ringberg and Thomas Ritter (eds.), Vol. 39, Copenhagen. (Ranking: D).

[C1] Gelbrich, K.; Roschk, H. (2008): "An Overview over Post-Complaint Behavior", in: Proceedings of the 2008 American Marketing Association Educators' Conference, James R. Brown and Rajiv P. Dant (eds.), Vol. 19, Chicago 2008: S. 203 - 215. (Ranking: E).


Working paper:

Roschk, H.; Gelbrich, K.; Bernt, D. (2008): "Ein Review zum Beschwerdeverhalten: State-of-the Art und künftige Forschungsfragen", Link.

Reviewing work
  • Journal of Service Research (Ranking: A)
  • Marketing Letters (Ranking: B)
  • Journal of Business Research (Ranking: B)
  • Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services (Ranking: C)
  • Journal of Services Marketing (Ranking: C)
  • European Journal of Marketing (Ranking: C)
Awards and media
  • 2015 Magazinbeitrag "Entschuldigen Sie bitte vielmals!" AGORA 1/2015 (Link)
  • 2015 Thesis of Ms. Gafeeva received the HORIZONT Award (Link)
  • 2014 Thesis of Ms. Gafeeva received the Maximilian Bickhoff Award (Link)
  • 2014 Interview "Die Kunst der Entschuldigung", Donaukurier (Link)
  • 2013 Interview "The Box Office Effects of Word of Mouth", ART AND NUMBERS
  • 2011 Best paper of the conference, ANZMAC-Conference
  • 2011 Best paper in a track (Services Marketing), ANZMAC-Conference