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Herzlich Willkommen an der Professur für Christliche Sozialethik u. Gesellschaftspolitik

Prof. Dr. André Habisch

Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät Ingolstadt

The Application Deadline for the Summer School will be extended to July 15th

The Dead line for the intercultural Summer School on „Rediscovering Practical Wisdom in Management“ in Marrakesh, Morocco is extended to 15th, July. The original deadline had been set for 30th May.

All PhD students or MA students are invited to apply for this Summer School. The interdisciplinary International Summer School is organized by Hanns – Seidel - Foundation, the National School for Commerce and Management at Marrakesh and Practical Wisdom Society. 


National economies in socio-economic transition find themselves confronted with a variety of challenges. In line with well-established sociologist concepts of modernization, exploding megacities and anonymous mass environments often bring with them a crisis of cultural orientation and personal identification. Future executives in management, politics and administration are also affected by these challenges. Religious, philosophical or spiritual traditions are handed down in families and personal networks - meanwhile modern business and economics often seem to work according to completely separate rules. In Management schools and technical universities, future executives are gathering technical and instrumental knowledge, while curricula neglect personal development and social values. Moreover, many future leaders in transition countries are expected to complete large parts of their professional training abroad – for example in European or US universities. Here, ‘professionalism’ often implies adopting the values and mindsets of the host country; if case studies or role models are provided in academic education at all, they mostly stem from the host country’s background. Conversely, due to the rush of technological/ digital innovations in advanced countries the cultural environment of transition economies is often considered entirely backward and traditionalistic. Cultural imperialism of that kind notoriously neglects, that even in the Western World cultural traditions and social values have significantly shaped the modern institutional environments. Moreover, even if intellectuals are now and again longing to cap these roots, they still determine the national business culture(s) – thereby opening up the existing ‘variety of capitalism’.

The structure of the International summer school (ISS)

The ISS is striving to overcome the above-mentioned shortcomings of mainstream Management Education - considering Practical Wisdom from the Religious, Philosophical and Spiritual Traditions as crucial elements for the formation of successful future business representatives. Applicants should be younger than 30 years of age and pursuing their postgraduate studies in management or working as entrepreneurs; we especially encourage scholars from transition economies. They are invited to submit manuscripts (3-5 p.) that describe a Wisdom topos, narrative, parable or value from their respective Religious, Philosophical or Spiritual Tradition (Animist, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Islam, Jewish, Popular, Shinto, Syncretistic etc.). Moreover, the essay should explain how the Wisdom concept shapes a particular institution in their business environment or a particular practice of entrepreneurs (e.g. relating to them-selves, their employees, costumers, regional or natural environment etc.).

Examples of presentations may include a certain aspect of Islamic finance, Subsidiary Organization in Catholic social teaching, the African concept of Obuntu in prac-tice, Buddhist concepts of Leadership etc. Selected participants will present their papers during the Summer School; they will also be provided with the possibility to publish in the conference proceedings. Moreover, the Summer School includes presentations of renowned academic teachers and practitioners further illuminating different aspects of Practical Wisdom for Management from various Religious, Philosophical and Spiritual Traditions. Interactive sessions will foster exchange and discussion among young and more experienced persons. Consequently, participants will learn about the enormous diversity of ‘Words of Wisdom’ and how corresponding cultural values are constantly inspiring and ‘cultivating’ management practices all over the World.

Organizational aspects

The Summer School will be organized by the Morocco office of the German Hanns Seidel Foundation in partnership with the Practical Wisdom Society and the National School for Commerce and Management in Marrakesh. All presentations as well as discussions during the event will be held in English language. Successful applicants are offered full travel expenses, accommodation and a supporting programme in Marrakesh’s rich cultural environment. Participants lodge in double rooms of a 5 star hotel in the ancient Moroccan royal city.

Applications should include a CV, a short motivation letter (up to one page) as well as the 3-5 p. manuscript. It should be sent until July 15th 2018 via email to the following address of Mrs. Peng at Catholic University Eichstaett - Ingolstadt: Ren.Peng(at)

Participants will be selected from the applications by an international and intercultural academic board, which covers specialists from different cultural regions and tradi-tions. Successful applicants will be notified by July 31st and will be contacted by the Hanns-Seidel Foundation in Morocco concerning their travel arrangements. Any questions regarding the ISS or the application process should also be addressed to the above contact address.


Rabat/ Ingolstadt in January 2018

Dr. Jochen Lobah,                                                                                        Dr. André Habisch,

HSS Morocco                                                                                   Catholic Univ. Eichstaett-Ingolstadt

   & Practical Wisdom Society

Ethik und künstliche Intelligenz: Prof. Habisch zu Gast beim Kurzfilmfestival "20minmax"

Vom 23. bis 28. April fand im Audi-Programmkino das internationale Kurzfilmfestival "20minmax" statt. Dabei standen die Filme am Freitagabend ganz im Zeichen der künstlichen Intelligenz, als Vorgeschmack auf den Futurologischen Kongress in Ingolstadt. Neben den Filmemachern des Kurzfilms "Nahe Kepler" war Prof. Habisch eingeladen, im Anschluss an die Filme mit dem Publikum über künstliche Intelligenz und Ethik zu diskutieren. Dabei wurden Fragen aufgeworfen wie "Muss ich eine künstliche Intelligenz mit Respekt behandeln?" oder "Werden Roboter den Menschen auf dem Arbeitsmarkt verdrängen?"

Prof. Habisch wird auch am 15.06.2018 beim Futurologischen Kongress zu Gast sein und die Besucher des Kurzfilm-Specials zum Diskurs über Ethik und künstliche Intelligenz einladen.

Prof. Dr. André Habisch über Digitalisierung in der Balance zwischen Technologie und Ethik beim VI Forum


Das vierte Virtual Innovation Forum, das am 21. und 22. September in der Technischen Hochschule Ingolstadt stattfand, stand ganz im Zeichen der Balance zwischen Ethik und digitalem Fortschritt. An den zwei Veranstaltungstagen diskutierten Vertreter aus Industrie und Wissenschaft über die digitale (R)Evolution und ihre vielfältigen Möglichkeiten, aber auch die Herausforderungen für Mensch, Umwelt, Wirtschaft und Politik, die sie mit sich bringt. Im Rahmen einer Podiumsdiskussion hielt Prof. Habisch einen Impulsvortrag, der das hochkarätig besetzte Podium und Publikum zur Diskussion über Themen wie Innovation, das Verhältnis von Mensch und Maschine sowie die Bedeutung von Ethical Literacy im Zeitalter der Digitalisierung einlud. 

Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Homepage von VI-Forum:


Gastvortrag von Herrn Loring Sittler, Generali Versicherungen AG Köln

Es ergeht herzliche Einladung zum Gastvortrag von Herrn Loring Sittler - Berater für alle Fragen des gesellschaftlichen Wandels - Generali Versicherung AG Köln zum Thema 

"Stadtentwicklung neu denken - Plädoyer für transsektorales, kooperatives, ganzheitliches Vorgehen"

am 14. Juni 2017 von 10.00 Uhr bis 12.00 Uhr im HB 112. 


Gastvortrag von Herrn Thimo Valentin Schmitt-Lord, Bayer Konzern

Am 28. Juni 2017 von 10.00 Uhr bis 12.00 Uhr hält Herr Thimo Valentin Schmitt-Lord geschäftsführender Vorstand und Stiftungsvorstand der Bayer Foundation einen Vortrag zum Thema

"Corporate Foundations as Promoters of Social Innovation".

Raum HB 112



Vorlesungsangebote im Sommersemester 2018 in Ingolstadt:

- Seminar "Social Innovation"; ab Mittwoch, 11.04.2018; 10-12 Uhr, Raum HB 101

- Vorlesung "Advanced Business Ethics"; ab Donnerstag, 12.04.2018; 14-16 Uhr; Raum HB 101

- Übung "Advanced Business Ethics"; ab Donnerstag, 12.04.2018; 16-18 Uhr; Raum NB 201

- Seminar "Qualitative Forschungsmethoden für die Unternehmensethik", ab 10.04.2018; 12-14 Uhr, Rum HB 101

- Seminar "Sustainability in China, ab ??, 18-20 Uhr, Raum NB Z01

- Interdisziplinäres Forschungsseminar (Master-Kolloquium+Doktoranden-Kolloquium); 

12.05.2018; 9-17 Uhr, Raum NB Z01

16.05.2018, 9-17 Uhr, Raum EG 013

17.05.2018, 9-17 Uhr, Raum EG013

19.05.2018, 9-15 Uhr, Raum NB Z01






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