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About Ingolstadt

Ingolstadt is the second largest city in Upper Bavaria after Munich and is only a 30-minute drive away from the state capital. Located in the heart of the Altmühl valley and the largest hop-growing area in the world - the Hallertau - Ingolstadt has a broad cultural offer.

There are regular classical concerts in the AUDI forum, many different student events, and the Volksfeste, beer festivals that are typical for Bavaria (small Oktoberfest Wiesn festivals). Ingolstadt has many restaurants, bars, beer gardens and clubs that are all located in the historical, picturesque old town and are perfect for enjoying a beer or two with friends after the lectures. Last but not least, Munich with its vast cultural offer is just around the corner.

Together with the district of Eichstätt, the Ingolstadt region has the lowest unemployment rate in Germany. This is partly owing to the fact that many well-known large companies such as AUDI, Airbus Defence and Space, EDEKA Südbayern, MediaMarktSaturn or Hipp have their headquarters in the Ingolstadt region.


The Region

Booming Economy – Booming Region

The KU also cares about what students do after their studies. It maintains close ties with numerous firms, offers practical projects in collaboration with partner companies, has its own Career Service, an own KU jobs portal and offers recruiting events on campus. Like this, KU students get the chance to build a comprehensive network at an early stage.

The region in which the KU is located offers excellent conditions in this respect. The cities of Ingolstadt and Eichstätt are doing very well economically. Ingolstadt is the big city with the lowest unemployment rate and the highest average income in Germany. Eichstätt’s economy is at full employment. Besides the car manufacturer Audi AG in Ingolstadt, there are also a couple of strong medium-sized enterprises in the region and a broad spectrum of successful companies in the service, trade, craft and tourism sectors. 

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In addition, the entire region offers various economic highlights. The administrative district of Upper Bavaria, which includes Ingolstadt and Eichstätt, as well as the neighboring districts, Upper Palatinate and Middle Franconia, all offer great economic highlights and opportunities.

Upper Bavaria ist Germany's strongest economic Region. It has the seventh largest GDP per Capita in the Europe. The biggest city, Munich, is Germany's leading High-Tech location. With companies such as BMW, Audi and MediaMarkt Saturn alongside many more, Upper Bavaria reaches an Export ratio of 60%.

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The Upper Palatinate, with Regensburg as its capital, is one of Germany's most founder-friendly regions and records an above-average rate of patent applications. In a study, the Future Institute "Germany 2020" declared the Upper Palatinate to be one of the 13 German regions with the greatest future potential.

Middle Franconia is among the top 4 high-tech and top 10 business regions in Germany. The region's purchasing power exceeds Germany's average by 10%. The capital city of Nuremberg, which can be reached in only half an hour by train from Ingolstadt, holds over 100 trade fairs annually and has the most modern freight center in southern Germany.


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Bavaria as a Travel Destination

Bavaria is the most popular holiday destination in Germany. Many Germans also spend their holidays in Bavaria or visit the Oktoberfest in Munich, which is known worldwide, or the fairytale castle Neuschwanstein , the enchanting Christmas market in Nuremberg or the picturesque Altmühl valley near Eichstätt. Cities such as Augsburg, Bamberg, Munich , Regensburg or Würzburg are very popular destinations. If you are a nature lover, you will be fascinated with the national parks Bavarian Forest and Berchtesgaden, the Allgäu region, the lake Starnberg and Franconian Switzerland with the beautiful scenery.

Furthermore, Bavaria is home to as much as eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the water management of the city of Ausgburg, the Würzburg Residence with its garden front Hofgarten, the Pilgrimage Church of Wies in Steingaden, the old towns of Bamberg and Regensburg, the Limes (the border wall at the frontier of the Roman Empire), prehistoric pile dwellings near the Alps and the Bayreuth Opera House.

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The famous Bavarian cuisine offers great culinary pleasures, along with the popular Bavarian beer and Franconian wine. The bishop’s seat Eichstätt (in the picture you can see the stairwell of the prince bishop’s residence ) is situated right in the heart of the Altmühl valley, which offers plenty of opportunities for hiking and bicycle tours . Car enthusiasts should not miss the “BMW Welt” in Munich or the Ingolstadt Audi museum . In summary, Bavaria offers plenty to see and do for everyone who likes active holidays or cultural trips and for young and old alike.

In foreign countries, many Bavarian particularities and traditions are even seen as an epitome for Germany, such as the Lederhosen and Dirndl . And Bavaria invites you to experience the authentic original. Bavaria and its inhabitants are uniquely characterized by the fascinating combination of tradition and modernity, placid love of their country and cosmopolitan open-mindedness and nature and urban life.