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KU new global service learning hub

Linking and promoting academic learning with social engagement in a targeted manner – this is the objective of the worldwide "Uniservitate" network, which aims to bring together Catholic universities. The KU is one of only six universities in the world to have taken on the role of a hub for service learning.

Post-corona perspectives for University teaching

What is the status quo of the KU’s teaching practice in corona times? In retrospect, what has gone well? Which perspectives arise from what we learned during the crisis? All these questions were addressed on the University Teaching Day.


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AK Wetterschau

Second warmest year on record: Weather review for 2020

Although winter holds the region in its firm grip these days, experts are recording rising temperatures in the long term. This is also confirmed by…


Students and social entrepreneurs as a team: Solutions to Africa's challenges

Better access to medications in Ghana, locally produced hygiene products from Rwanda and better sales channels for small farmers in the region, as…

[Translate to Englisch:] Pommes

Apples, no fries: Marketing with social norms

If you go to a fast food restaurant these days, you can order more than just the classic hamburger with fries and a soft drink. Especially for…

[Translate to Englisch:] Nachhaltigkeit

Anchoring sustainability in the social economy: EU project develops teaching concept

In order to also promote sustainability in companies in the social economy, well-trained specialists and managers are needed. This is why several…

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