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The KU is a cosmopolitan university with a broad international network. In addition to its strategic partnerships, it maintains collaborations with almost 300 partner universities in over 60 countries worldwide. It promotes international mobility of its research staff, lecturers, administrative employees and students. All KU students have the opportunity to complete a study or internship stay abroad. The University also offers a broad range of double degree programs and other international study options.

The KU welcomes international guests from all over the world and attaches great importance to fostering its international campus culture that is also reflected in the high proportion of international students at the KU: About ten percent of our students come from over 60 different countries and enrich our daily campus life. All international guests and students benefit from personal supervision and support before, during and after their stay at the KU.

Internationalization is a key focus area at the KU. This does not least become evident in the numerous individual advice and support offers for different target groups. The central service point for all issues regarding internationalization at the KU is the International Office.



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Erasmus+ is an EU-wide program for education, youths and sports. As of January 1, 2014, it has superseded the program for lifelong learning, YOUTH IN ACTION, as well as international EU higher educational programs with third countries.

For the period between 2014 and 2021, it opens up new perspectives on the conceptualization of mobility programs and European or international educational cooperation.

More information on all Erasmus+ programs at the KU can be found here.

Events of the IO

19:00 until 20:00

Info session: Application procedure to study abroad "worldwide"

Info session is for all students applying for the "Worldwide" program in the winter semester 21/22

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