Social commitment at the University

[Translate to Englisch:] Zukunftsforum Nachhaltigkeit
Panel discussion at the future forum on sustainability in 2019

Many university members are committed to furthering the exchange of knowledge between science, politics, the industry and civil society. The KU Department of Education Innovation and Knowledge Transfer coordinates all these initiatives and activities and provides support when it comes to their implementation and increasing their visibility.

The department’s activities are in line with the principles of good scientific practice, responsibility, and solidarity in education. A culture of committed science means that the University uses its scientific capacities for contributing solutions to social challenges.

We primarily focus on the mutual exchange of ideas with society as well as innovative educational concepts. Our projects are implemented in close collaboration with partner organizations from the knowledge cluster in the region and in the context of international exchange with collaboration partners in South America, Eastern Europe and Africa.

Our team is working together with all interested parties in order to fulfill the KU’s Third Mission. The office spaces of the department are located in the Eichstätt Spitalstadt (Am Anger 18) and are designed as an open meeting point for all University members and citizens of Eichstätt. The office is used as seminar room, space for encounter and functions as a display window for science and academia.

Collaboration offers

Exchange of knowledge and trusting cooperation between institutions and partner organizations form the basis for new ideas, forward-looking innovation and a sustainable social development. For your collaboration or in the context of advisory or continuing education offers, the Department of Education Innovation and Knowledge Transfer can help you to establish contacts with the respectively responsible persons from the different academic disciplines at the KU.

Services for KU members

Die Stabsabteilung für Wissenstransfer bietet den Hochschulangehörigen der KU unterschiedliche Services im Transfer an. Wir begleiten bei der Entwicklung von Dissemination- und Verwertungsstrategien bei der Antragstellung, unterstützen sie bei der Umsetzung ihrer Transferaktivitäten sowie bei der Kommunikation von Forschungs- und Transferthemen.

Knowledge cluster in the region Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

Die regionale Entwicklung fördern, gemeinsam gesellschaftliche Herausforderungen angehen und den internationalen Austausch gestalten - für eine zukunftsfähige und lebenswerte Region.

We promote social commitment!

At the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, the active promotion of social commitment of its students and teaching staff is part of its tradition. In line with its Mission Statement, the University considers itself a committed institution that actively supports social, cultural, creative and church initiatives and projects.

For more information on the KU’s commitment and offers, please check our website.