KU.Sustainability Research Lab

Sustainability research platform at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

The KU.Sustainability Research Lab (KU.SRL) combines the diverse and long-standing research activities on sustainable development from a wide range of disciplines and fields at the KU in a structural and strategic way, strengthens them and their correlated skills, and develops existing synergies further. A main objective of the lab with its open, innovative and efficient organizational form is to stimulate and synthesize joint research projects and to make the results visible.

The SRL gives new momentum to interdisciplinary cooperation within the University and thus provides a forum for scientific exchange and discourse across a wide range of disciplines. The quality of the internal network shall be further enhanced through mutual exchange and deepened cooperation with external partners.

In terms of content, the SRL, as a new platform for research on sustainable development at the KU, aims to contribute towards a responsible science that addresses the urgent and big questions of a threatened future of humanity. In doing so, it wants to help generate knowledge that serves to enable a future worth living.

The focus is on fundamental research, but the lab also works with applied research approaches.

The drafts and solutions of a socio-ecologically oriented, social transformation research must be developed in a cooperative, integrative and interdisciplinary process, which is therefore considered one basic pillar of the lab’s research mode. The SRL will also pursue approaches of transdisciplinary research, thus enabling a scientifically substantiated transfer of research results into society.

This requires a changed science with an integral mode of research and knowledge production, a "new science for a new world", or a "science for the future". The institute will support research for sustainable development in an integrating way. Thus, it also functions as a "think tank lab", creating the space for fundamental reflection that will expand scientific thinking further.


Mission statement and objectives

The KU.Sustainability Research Lab (KU.SRL) primarily sees itself as a platform for academic networking and discussion. At the core of KU.SRL are these central aims: To kindle disciplinary research by using cross-disciplinary discussion and vice-versa. To give the necessary creative impulse to prompt the formation of new integrative theoretical approaches in science. To develop ideas for inter- and trans-disciplinary research projects on sustainable development.

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Organizational structure & members

Das Forschungslabor soll als interdisziplinäre Forschungseinrichtung an der KU gegründet werden.



Mailing address:
Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
KU.Sustainability Research Lab / z. Hd. Nicole Mayinger
Pater-Philipp-Jeningen-Platz 2
85072 Eichstätt