Application for a financial grant for Corona-related babysitting costs


All female students, professors and academic staff of the KU, who have childcare shortages due to the Corona crisis, can still apply for a subsidy for babysitting costs.

Due to the renewed hard lockdown starting Dec. 16, 2020, schools and child care facilities will also be closed from that date and are expected to offer only emergency care. Female students, professors and research assistants who need babysitters for this reason can apply for a financial contribution to the babysitter costs.

The above-mentioned persons can receive a subsidy if the children who cannot attend the childcare facility to the usual extent for the above-mentioned reasons are under 12 years old and no other person living in their household can look after the children. To apply for such a subsidy, please fill in this form and send it to corona-kinderbetreuung(at)!