Open House at WFI - May 14, 2022

Find out about our wide range of study programs on site, talk to KU students and employees, explore the campus - all this is possible at our open day! We cordially invite you to come and see our faculty and our study programs for yourself on site in Ingolstadt. If you are looking for more than just a degree program, you have come to the right place!

With a diverse program, we present to interested visitors from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. the range of studies and student life at the Faculty of Economic Sciences Ingolstadt. During campus, library, and city tours, you can get to know the various lecture halls and the library of faculty, taste university life, and perceive the city of Ingolstadt from a student perspective.

Taster lectures on topics such as social start-ups, marketing and social influence in the digital world, ethics in business administration, or the current monetary policy of the ECB show how diverse economics can be. From research, prospective students, parents, and people from the region can take part in experiments on Urban Air Mobility or train their innovation and creativity in a workshop with lego bricks. WFI also offers unique opportunities in its international orientation, such as semesters abroad, internships abroad, or even double degree programs. In addition, the Student Counsellor and the International Office will present themselves with information booths.

Of course, the student organizations, which are an important part of university life and in which a large number of WFI students are actively involved, are not to be missed. The various organizations give visitors a new perspective on the faculty and show that theory can be combined with practice at an early stage of studies and how much the student initiatives shape university life at WFI.

Detailed information about the program on the Open House:

We are looking forward to your visit!