Individual counseling sessions/ career coaching



I finished my studies – what is next? Where can I find a suitable internship? Are my application documents okay? And what can I expect in a job interview?

In a personal counseling interview or coaching appointment, we will look at questions concerning career planning and applications together.

The following topics may be covered in the consultation session:

  • Career advice / career coaching: We identify your personal strengths and develop professional fields and career paths that match your skill profile, values and personal goals.  
  • Application folder check: Together, we go through your documents and discuss possible areas for improvement.
  • Practical exercises: A job interview is coming up? By simulating the situation beforehand during the consultation session, you will learn to act confidently and clearly and will be prepared for critical questions. It is also possible to practice tasks from assessment center scenarios.

Please note:
If you have any questions regarding internships abroad, please contact Leonie Bechtold, our KU international internship advisor. Individual consultation appointments can be made by e-mail to praktika-international(at) More information is available here.