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Innovation Immersion in Germany: Achieving Global Growth and Competitiveness

A central business question in most organizations, regardless of their size or life stage, is where and how will we achieve growth. In a globally competitive world, achieving sustainable growth is a prized target for companies. This business immersion course in Germany is designed to provide a unique action-learning opportunity for participants to have a first-hand experience of a thriving ecosystem that is focused on “global growth” and “competitiveness”. Working professionals in the MBA program will embark on a one-week trip in Germany, where they will experience the “living business lab” of cutting edge companies that have succeeded in achieving global expansion and growth. Furthermore, participants will learn from senior business executives of those organizations how to grow globally and achieve long-term, sustainable competitiveness. This will be accompanied by lectures on how to build globally competitive business models and transform organizations through sustainable growth.

Key learning outcomes include:

  • A critical understanding of the components of achieving global competitiveness (both price and structural competitiveness)
  • The ability to analyze vectors of growth potential and competitiveness of different industries, different company sizes and different growth levels
  • A deep understanding of the main drivers and barriers of sustainable growth in global markets
  • Knowledge of how to position your organization in a competitive market and implement this positioning strategy globally
  • Competence to apply insights gained from the global immersion to their own organizations for a sustainable competitive advantage

Besides technical skills and know-how about organizational growth and competitiveness in a global context, students in this international MBA program gain skills such as critical and analytical thinking, being able to identify patterns and trends, professionally communicate and interact with senior business executives, work efficiently and productively on a team project, presentation and persuasion skills.

Course content

Daily Course Structure, Monday - Friday, across various cities in Germany:

The schedule for each of the five days is divided into two parts:

  • Part I (8am - 12pm): Students in the MBA program, accompanied by the course professor, will visit one participating company and engage in interactive lectures and presentations, a comprehensive innovation tour of the company, and learn from senior business executives of these companies. One team from the MBA program will present their findings and recommendations to a mini challenge posed by the company. These challenges will be assigned to teams three weeks prior to their travel.
  • Part II (1pm - 5pm): Students will participate in lectures and tutorials taught by the accompanying professor and invited experts on both topics of Global Growth and Competitiveness. Students will be able to connect the applied material and insights from their company immersions to the content taught in the lectures and tutorials.

Grading & Assessment Criteria

Presentation 50%:

Students will be required to work in teams of 2-4 on a topic pre-assigned to them prior to the travel within Germany by one of the participating companies. Each team will be required to present during one of the five company visits in Germany. They will present to senior business executives at the company and to the rest of the class during the company visit. Presentations will be 30 minutes per team.

Term Paper 50%

Students will be required to submit a term paper which includes their learning from the business immersion. The term paper entails a maximum of 25 pages (1.5 space) including all tables, figures and references.

The Presentation and the Term Paper are related in the overall topic and content areas, which is why common exam preparation time is necessary. The Presentation tests critical competencies related to application and transfer of theoretical knowledge to practical business problems, teamwork and communication skills, and ability to think and respond to current business problems. The Term Paper will test comprehension of the course material taught, including theory, frameworks and tools which constitute the course topic. Given that students in the MBA program are working professions from industry, it is important to test both sets of competencies.

Pricing and Travel Requirements

Prices and requirements for the immersions are to be announced at the beginning of the MBA program.

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